• prdatki

    How much money is being wasted, for nothing, so that two fools can have there picture taken? Obama has wasted more money than any other President in History!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Daniela-Rosaura/100003239282826 Daniela Rosaura

      Proportionately speaking, Laura has to take a place in the race to squander money too.

      • georgechapogas

        as do all social democracies committing welfare suicide.

  • P mattingly

    I have to visit my sick grandmother in the hospital who is dying….
    Sorry, no visits for a couple of days while President Obama disrupts the country.
    How much is this costing the taxpayers? And for what?

  • georgechapogas

    all this for a putz that could not run a hot dog cart. not just Americans but the world will be paying for the incompetence of this fools 8 years. and do not give me the GWB whine, i didn’t like his policies, but he was a hell of a lot better than this obozo clown with a lot more class and humility to boot.

    • syrguy

      Bush = humility? Hah. That’s why he led us into a war in Iraq based on lies. He didn’t even ask his father for advice.

      • georgechapogas

        lies? the lies that everybody believed and still believe because the stuff was stashed in syria?? i compare bush honesty and humility against loser lying puke thieves like odumbo and clinton any day

  • rusty jones

    Is this idiot obama going to play golf or what thats all he ever dose

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