Father of girl reported missing says he had permission, OIJ had his phone number

Katie Brooken Lukensmeyer Solano.

Katie Brooken Lukensmeyer Solano.

December 10th, 2013 (InsideCostaRica.com) The American father of Katie Brooken Lukensmeyer Solano, who had been reported kidnapped by her mother says he had legal permission to have the girl during the time, and that the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ) even had his phone number and could have contacted him at any time.


Dr. William Lukensmeyer, a 70-year-old retired psychiatrist from the United States, provided court records to Inside Costa Rica that would seem to back the father’s claim.


Dr. Lukensmeyer said the girl’s mother, Sandra Solano, was fully aware that he was to return his daughter on Friday, December 6th, after having picked the girl up on Friday, November 29th for a “Friday to Friday” visit as dictated by a court order.


The girl’s father also said his former partner was aware they were to visit the beach, and she had even packed a week’s worth of clothes for the girl.  The girl’s mother told authorities that her father was to return her on Sunday, December 1st when she reported the alleged “kidnapping” of her daughter to the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ).


As the newspaper always does when official sources issue an alert of a child kidnapping, Inside Costa Rica reported the alleged kidnapping after the OIJ issued an alert and the agency notified local media outlets that it was seeking the public’s help in locating the girl.


Curiously, however, while the OIJ was seeking the public’s and the media’s assistance in locating the pair, the OIJ had Dr. Lukensmeyer’s telephone number on file, which also appears in court and legal documents.  “The OIJ could have simply picked up the phone and called me,” Dr. Lukensmeyer said.


Instead, it seems, the OIJ launched a full kidnapping investigation and turned to the media for assistance.


According to Dr. Lukensmeyer, while he and his daughter were enjoying their scheduled Friday-to-Friday visit on the beach in Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste, the girl’s mother suddenly announced by telephone that she was going to pick up her daughter, and then later called authorities.


Dr. Lukensmeyer said he and his former partner have been before the courts numerous times over a period of four and a half years because of disputes over visitation and other issues.  The father said the girl’s mother would routinely not comply with court-ordered visitation, at one point having not seen his daughter in an 11-month period.


Dr. Lukensmeyer also said his former partner had him jailed on false domestic abuse charges, taking the couple’s car, furniture, and money that was in a joint bank account, which she used to purchase her own home while he was jailed, which led to the couple’s separation.


Dr. Lukensmeyer said that the girl’s mother had obtained a series of five restraining orders against him in the past, four of which were later thrown out by the courts as baseless.  The fifth was later thrown out when the mother failed to appear at a hearing to defend her claim.


“Her goal was to keep me from seeing my daughter,” Dr. Lukensmeyer said, adding that at one point he and his former partner even ended up in criminal court because the mother refused to comply with court ordered visitation.


Dr. Lukensmeyer describes the woman’s recent kidnapping charge as part of that same goal and pattern of behavior.


Dr. Lukensmeyer said that he called the OIJ himself on the afternoon of Wednesday, December 4th, after learning that authorities were searching for him and his daughter.  Shortly after his phone call, authorities arrived at the hotel where the pair was staying and demanded that the girl and Dr. Lukensmeyer immediately return to San José in an OIJ vehicle.


According to Dr. Lukensmeyer, upon arrival at the OIJ offices in San José, agents threatened to arrest him if he did not immediately turn over his daughter to the girl’s mother, even though his court-ordered visitation was not to end for another 48 hours.


“They say if you don’t give me up and let me go with my mother they will put you in handcuffs and take you to jail,” Dr. Lukensmeyer’s daughter told her father, translating the words of an OIJ agent.


Threatened with jail, Dr. Lukensmeyer had no choice but to agree, he said.  The OIJ then released him onto the street, where he caught a taxi home.


Dr. Lukensmeyer also dismissed the concern his former partner expressed to authorities that he may had “fled the country” with his daughter, saying neither he nor his daughter can travel.  Dr. Lukensmeyer said the girl’s mother has refused to renew the girl’s passport since age 5, and that restrictions also exist on his passport due to child support.


Dr. Lukensmeyer must now defend himself against the charge levied by his former partner, but expressed his confidence that he would be cleared of any wrongdoing.

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    • sloth1

      What amazes most about this article is how the OIJ after spending ,God knows how much money spent needlessly on this investigation. Didn’t they have access to the legal court records that the father had one week visitation rights with his daughter. Couldn’t they analyze the perpetual erroneous accusations of the mother. And then the media attention that subtly made him look like the bad “gringo” kidnapping his daughter ,even making him give her up with 2 days left on the court order. It’s time for Costa RIca to change the laws for more equality for fathers in these matters.Too many good father’s are being abused by ex spouses for reasons not in the best interests of their children.

    • Andrew

      She probably has her eye on a bigger house. She knows how to work the system, and will continue to take the good doc to the cleaners. The bright side? She hasn’t yet falsified his will and had him whacked!

    • VickiInCostaRica

      I’m glad you got the retraction up & know you were just reporting
      info you THOUGHT was accurate (ahhhh – life in Costa Rica!!).

      This is BULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From what is “allegedly” being reported (covering MY ass), this woman does not seem to be showing signs of being capable of being a healthy fit LOVING mother or she would not subject her INNOCENT child to this bull$&!% behavior/ABUSE!!! Any dog can breed – but that does not a parent make!! IF she IS doing all this, is she not EMOTIONALLY & MENTALLY ABUSING this child by playing these games (as well as EVERYONE involved that supports her CRAP)??

      Sadly, we see this over & over in Costa Rica (I have PERSONALLY known a few men where this type of $*!@ has happened – either from the gold diggers that SAY they were abused [when I KNEW for a FACT that it was the gal that started &/or did ALL the physical abuse she claimed – even going as far as hurting herself to “prove” he hurt her as she was psycho & ) & it’s HORRIFIC that the courts, etc. allow this to happen.

      I’m not defending this man since I don’t know him personally – I’m just going by what the law says that he’s proven but who I AM defending is this INNOCENT CHILD!!

      (I’m a Children’s Advocate hence I tend to loose it when people inflict damage to children because they are still wounded children themselves that have not resolved their own issues).

      Why does it seem more & more Costa Rica is not wanting foreigners here – especially when we are RARELY protected???

      • Ken Morris

        I would advise calming down, but otherwise think you make a crucial point: The kind of mother that would do this kind of thing (and evidently do it repeatedly) is not a good parent. Her custody of the kid could and perhaps should therefore be challenged. There is no a priori reason to assume that the mother is a better custodial parent than the father, or hell better than an uncle or grandmother. CR’s tendency to assume that all mothers are saints is counterproductive sexism that needs to be changed.

        But we probably don’t know enough about this situation to render judgment. The father seems a bit old, which makes granting custody to him risky, and for all we know he’s not a saint either. Plus there’s the stability of the kid’s home to think about. Sometimes it’s better to leave the custodial situation as it is, even if the initial decision was a mistake.

        The best we can hope for–and insist upon–is that this woman be compelled to cease with the nonsense and to deal with the father as a co-parent. I’m not sure, but filing a false kidnapping charge could be a crime itself. If it is, there should be some leverage to force the mother to behave, even perhaps to force her into parenting classes.

    • Jorge

      The US should have a travel advisory for its citizens to warn them of the dangers of meeting a Tica and how it could adversely change your life, especially financially. This kind of thing happens over and over again. When you tell your wives you’re going deep sea fishing be aware that the chances are you will get eaten by a shark.

    • disgusted

      So many issues here first OIJ showing their collective incompetence, can’t find their own ass without a flashlight and a map.
      What he is going though has happened to many ex pat living here and getting involved and stuck with selfish greedy and dangerous Tica’s.
      I knew there was more to this story good luck Dr. Lukensmeyer. Like I said the child the victim in all of this. Daughter being used by the mother as a bartering chip for more and more money. .

    • SaseboSam

      OIJ is known for it’s inefficiency and is a patronage haven

    • Scott MacDougall

      Wow do you think foreigners get a fair shake here in “Paradise” ? It is obvious that the combined excitement by the OIJ to get a “Gringo” and the complete disorganization of their overall operations were fully exposed on this one. The sad thing is they will not even realize it and work to fix the problem. The mother is obviously a greedy uncaring waste of a human being with no morals or ethics, “surprise”. I feel sorry for the daughter and father, good luck to you both in the future and I hope you get some peace in your lives.

      • Hydrangea

        Another creepy 70 year old man who couldn’t keep it in his pants, thereby entangling himself in this morass. Oh yeah, she loved him for his charm, good looks and virility. If he was so stupid, he deserves everything she throws at him. Idiot gringo pervert.

        • Lav

          This comment bothers me in the sense that you are only address one side of this issue. Yes, the man may be a pervert… but what about the women who are willing to sleep with a man like this? Should we call them classless ticas? what values is she going to instill in her daughter… sleep with anyone for money? Is this the way you want the younger generation of Ticas to be raised?

          • Andrew

            Hydrangea “buried” once again. Somebody grab a shovel!
            You’re not the smartest plant in the garden, are ya’ Hydrangea?

        • Andrew

          Actually, rubberplant, she loved him for his money first and foreskin, then his charm, good looks and virility!