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20 years

Editorial guidelines for Community Reporters

We appreciate the work of our volunteer community reporters, and most importantly, so do their communities.

Here are some basic guidelines that we ask of our Community Reporters.


1)   Editorial style – please try to:


  • Write in the third person (avoid the word ‘I’).
  • Translate the name of government agencies and political parties into English but leave the Spanish acronym.  For example: The Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE).  Please refer to the Legislative Assembly as the “Legislative Assembly,” not “Congress or Parliament.”  Please refer to Sala IV as the “Constitutional Court (Sala IV).”
  • Double-space paragraphs.
  • Use spell check before submitting.
  • Include the 5 W’s in all of your reports (Who, What, When, Where, Why).  It is common to forget the ‘when,’ so please double check.  Use the actual date (“On July 17, community members gathered at…”) instead of phrases like “last Tuesday.”


2)   Photography – All photos must either be your own work or used with the express permission of the person who took the photograph.  If the photo was taken by someone other than you, please include attribution for the photo.  NEVER take photos from other web sites, Google, etc. without the permission of the photographer.  ICR has an extensive library of archive images – if you feel you need an image of something, let the editor know and we may have one in our archive.

3)   If you have any financial relationship with a business that is included in your report, you must include a disclosure statement at the end of your submission.  You are NOT allowed to charge a fee for including a business in your report.  However, you are able to sell ONE ad per report, to be included at the bottom of the report, clearly identified as an advertisement.  You can determine your own pricing for such ads, and the fee is 100% yours to keep. Ads must be text only, no banners, but can include a hyperlink.

4)   When reporting a crime, do NOT reveal victims’ identities without their express permission.

5)   Do NOT publish rumors or gossip as fact.  If it is a rumor, SAY SO (or better, avoid publishing it altogether if it is of any significant importance).

6) ICR reserves the right to edit your submissions for clarity, grammar, and accordance to our editorial guidelines.

7) Please try to be available by email or phone on the day you submit your report to us, should our editor have any questions regarding the report, and keep the contact information we have for you up to date.



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