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• Zelaya: Soon Return to Honduras
• Ortega Slams Honduras Coup Threat
• Venezuela Donates Nicaragua 100 Houses
• UN Rapporteur in Guatemala

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Ortega Slams Honduras Coup Threat

Managua -  The Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega denounced provocations of Honduran coup organizers to create an armed incident in his country.

We have been informed of plans to dress Honduran troops with uniforms from the Nicaraguan National Army and attack Honduran military facilities to justify a confrontation, he noted.

Ortega made his declarations during a Thursday night meeting with the Guatemalan indigenous leader Rigoberta Menchu, Nobel Peace Prize winner, and a group of Nicaraguan women.

The leader stated the usurper government has stepped up borders with his country, with troops and all types of arms, including antiaircraft that could be the prelude of a provocation.

Ortega emphasized that Nicaragua is not mobilizing troops to the frontier and rejected any campaign orchestrated against his country and Venezuela by infiltrating commands from the neighbor nation.

The de facto government, he assured, wants to make the situation worse to cover up its crime.

The Sandinista leader warned about the seriousness of this situation generated in Central America and denounced US intelligence agencies of backing the coup.

There's will be to recognize coup perpetrators as lawful, he emphasized.