Chinchilla dismisses study calling her least popular president in Americas

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President Laura Chinchilla (archive photo)

October 15th, 2013 ( President Laura Chinchilla dismissed on Monday the results of a poll showing her as the least popular president amongst 19 countries in the Americas for the second year in a row.  The annual ranking is published by Mexico-based Mitofsky Consultants, and was published in April.


Chinchilla showed just a 12% public approval rating, down 1% from last year.


In dismissing the study, Chinchilla categorized the report as “absurd,” saying the statistics showed no logic and are like comparing “pears with oranges,” a local take on the “apples and oranges” comparison more common in English-speaking countries.


Chinchilla said that Costa Rica could not be compared with other nations that have “limited or no freedom of speech,” would results in biased results and does not show the true feeling of countries’ inhabitants.


Joining Chinchilla towards the bottom of the list were Porfirlo Lobo of Honduras, with a 27% public approval rating, Argentina’s Cristina Fernández (32%), and Chile’s Sebastián Piñera (38%).


Topping the list were Ecuador’s Rafael Correa, who enjoys a 90% approval rating, the Dominican Republic’s Danilo Medina (89%), and Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, who enjoyed 84% public approval prior to his death.


Meanwhile, president of Costa Rica’s neighbor to the north, Nicaraguan president Daniel Ortega, came in at 6th place with a 65% approval rating.


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Courtesy of Mitofsky Consultants. English column headings added by ICR.

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    • Daryl Smitts

      Of course she dismisses it… This woman is so dense that she makes Bush Jr. look like a genius.

    • mhogan

      Dismiss it as you wish. I have never seen a country go into a freefall in just under 4 years (dissatisfaction, standard of living) — I think the Lady is trying to compete with Obama. Perhaps it will please her to see all foreigners gone from this “great” country she’s created so that her citizens can enjoy their round of eating “cake”.

      • Oliver Wendell Holmes

        Slight correction, the freefall started under her mentor-Oscar Arias-the one that sold the country down the river by pulling a Bush Jr., ie: rigging the voting to push through CAFTA.
        Ticos it appears are no longer immune to the Fascist plutocracy that rules the world.

    • Fernando Gerdano

      I just want to know who were the 12% that approved of her.