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President Chinchilla ranks as least popular president in the Americas for second consecutive year


April 16th, 2013 ( Costa Rican president, Laura Chinchilla, has ranked as the least popular president amongst 19 countries in the Americas for the second year in a row.  The annual ranking is published by Mexico-based Mitofsky Consultants.


Chinchilla showed just a 12% public approval rating, down 1% from last year.


Joining Chinchilla towards the bottom of the list were Porfirlo Lobo of Honduras, with a 27% public approval rating, Argentina’s Cristina Fernández (32%), and Chile’s Sebastián Piñera (38%).


U.S. President Barack Obama came in at 12th place with a 48% public approval rating.


Topping the list are Ecuador’s Rafael Correa, who enjoys a 90% approval rating, the Dominican Republic’s Danilo Medina (89%), and Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, who enjoyed 84% public approval prior to his death.


Meanwhile, president of Costa Rica’s neighbor to the north, Nicaraguan president Daniel Ortega, came in at 6th place with a 65% approval rating.


American presidential rankings

Courtesy of Mitofsky Consultants. English column headings added by ICR.

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  • disgusted

    Wonder who are the 12% that thinks she is doing a good job. My survey I ask all over the country about Lady Laura I could not find not ONE who thought she was effective in any way. 12% must be family who get their benefits though government contracts,

    I guess. PLN will most likely have Johnny as their next president then again same thing in charge. CR needs a real leaders and diputados who work for the citizen not just to enhance their portfolios and positions.

    • georgechapogas

      consistence a virtue baby. i find the same problem in my 10 plus years of lots of Nicaragua time i have never found near as many Sandinista as those votes indicate. self selection anecdotal please the asker phenomenon. you can see my paper on this in the New England Journal of Medicine. <inside joke

      • Benthecat

        I truly doubt that disgusted has travelled the entire country surveying people about the President of the country. Hyperbole… George, you rarely make sense, and you have not let us down this time either… I guess the person doing the survey is so intimidaing that they say Danny is wonderful, out of fear? That may be true.

        • georgechapogas

          are you dyslectic?

          • Benthecat

            No George, I am not. Why do you ask? Are you an expert in psychiatry also? I do have a very hi IQ though… Your posts are bizarre, and often meaningless hate drivel. You should see a shrink, they might offer you some help. Thinking about your comment, I think you may suffer from this condition.

          • georgechapogas

            not dyslectic then just laughable

        • disgusted

          Ben well I did not do a survey. I asked from Guanacaste area , San Jose, Arenal, San Carlos, Heredia, San Vito, Quepos, Cartago, Turrialba in the past year or so and Not one of the Tico’s I talked to said they supported or cared for the current president. More than 100 closer to 150 at least. I do not ask anymore. Un like you I am just a lab rat on the IQ. Thanks for the assist.

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