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Controversial? GMO pioneers win World Food Prize

Email this page The World Food Prize describes itself as “the foremost international award recognizing — without regard to race, religion, nationality, or political beliefs — the achievements of individuals…

Oetzi, the Iceman Mummy, Has Living Relatives

Email this page October 15th, 2013 (VOA) At least 19 Austrians living in the Tyrol region are descendants of the 5,300-year-old Oetzi the ‘Iceman,’ a frozen, mummified body that was…

Planet found floating without star in space

Email this page October 10th, 2013  (AFP) – Astronomers said Wednesday they have found a lonely planet outside the solar system floating alone in space and not orbiting a star.…

Scientists who discovered “God Particle” win Nobel Prize

Email this page October 9th, 2013 (VOA) Francois Englert of Belgium and Peter Higgs of Britain have won the 2013 Nobel Prize for physics for the discovery of the so-called “God…

Curiosity Rover Finds Water on Mars

Email this page September 30th, 2013 (VOA) The first scoop of Martian soil analyzed byCuriosity Rover’s built-in laboratory has revealed a high amount of water in the soil, according to…

Previously unknown electric fish discovered in South America

Email this page September 26th, 2013 (VOA) A previously unknown species of electric fish has been discovered in the so-called “lost world” of northeastern South America. Researchers at the University of…

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