• prdatki

    First do not let them land, Screwy Louie and his liberals should buy a barge put the Cubans in it and send them back to Cuba. Florida get the National Guard and shoot them when they set foot on US land. This will slow the Cuban Immigration down a lot !

    • Commenter

      Well said.

    • disgusted

      Extreme measures. Invaders. Cuban or not. However, How about the USA asking the international Community for 10′s of millions in aide and money as well. USA is broke to the tune of 19 trillion and counting.

  • Ken Morris

    We knew this was coming . . .

    Nothing wrong with this bunch of Cubans seeking the American Dream, but they’re hardly the only or even the most deserving ones. As it is, as soon as they set foot on US soil, Uncle Sam’s silly 60-year-old law that auomatically defines any Cuban as a political refugee will force US taxpayers to subsidize their asses. But now, thanks to Costa Rica’s selective understanding of humanitarianism, not only are Tico taxpayers financing their illegal passage but Costa Rica is also passing the plate around to other countries and NGOs in the hopes that they will chip in with funding for the illegal passage.

    Problem is, money is limited, and any of it that goes to subsidize the Cubans doesn’t go to other worthy (and probably more worthy) causes.

    The only acceptable solution to this financial fiasco is if the Cuban-Americans already in the US–the ones who provide the constituency for the policies that privilege Cuban immigrants–themselves write the checks. I want to see loudmouths like Congresswoman Ross-Leighton getting out their checkbooks, and don’t think it would be inappropriate to ask Senators Cruz and Rubio to kick in too. Let the Cuban-American beneficiaries of the privilege pay to extend it to the other Cubans, but don’t make the average taxpayer in either Costa Rica or the US finance this fiasco, and don’t take money from NGOs that have more deserving people waiting for their help.

  • Roberto

    Marco Rubio could hire them as paid staffers and pay their way to Miami.

  • Chris Thomas

    I knew it would not be long before this super corrupt government in CR would start asking for money, the whole thing was a money grabber and publicity stunt as always to maintain fake and phony image of a helpful nation when all it does it is for their own self serving purposes, in all they probably spent 1% of what they are asking but as good Ticos always exaggerate things to their benefit.

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