• Chris Thomas

    Lot of drug money will be laundered there and I am sure the CR officials have invested into this building.

  • Canamjay

    One question: Why´«é/

  • Ken Morris

    This is a welcome development. For all kinds of social and environmental reasons, San José really needs to build up rather than out.

    The concern may be an engineering one, since building up in an earthquake-prone area has to present challenges, but I gather that the engineers nowadays know how to meet these challenges. Hope so.

    • Alice Olson

      I would think that the concern might be where all the people working in such a building will go when the sidewalks and streets are full. San Jose’s fundamental geography of sidewalks, streets and avenues simply won’t tolerate the level of traffic (both vehicular and pedestrian) that building up instead of out demands. Already, San Jose traffic is a nightmare. It can only get worse with this kind of phallic construction being undertaken.

      • Ken Morris

        Sidewalks in some places need some attention, but I’m not sure that Paseo Colon is one of those places. There seems plenty of space on them there. Of course, motor vehicle congestion is a nightmare there, but that’s a function of building out instead of up (as well as the infatuation with cars as a status symbol etc.) . I would have to check the data on that specific area to be sure, but I’m pretty sure we’re looking at 1/10th or less the population densities that that many global cities have. There is a lot of space available for “phallic construction,” especially smaller “clitoral construction” like this.

        • Sergio Monge Gámez

          Your explanation blow me out!!!!!!, phallic vs clitoral!!!!!!! jaja

  • FSinibaldi

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