• Buffalo Bill

    Sean Penn needs attention so bad he does this? Does his explanation of why he did this interview hold water? You decide because to me it was an attention play, nothing else. And why we are at it, why in the world would The trafficker want such an interview? Of course the reason is the same,… attention. But why someone on the run would seek attention is beyond me.
    What do you think?

    • Yeims

      I agree he was seeking fame or notoriety. I AM sick of these actors who think they are something other than actors, like being in front of a camera somehow confers on them some kind of higher intelligence and wisdom.

      • Buffalo Bill

        True Yeims, we hold actors up to some unrealistically high standards. Like Brad Pitt said when replying to a political question, He said ” How do I know? I am just a fucking actor”. Kudos to you Brad Pitt.

  • Ken Morris

    Penn is right, and sadly so. The news has mostly been the same cops a robbers crap we’ve been hearing for decades–”El Chapo was arrested based upon Penn’s story!” and “Was Penn complicit to interview the guy?”–coupled with a fashion craze of the shirt “El Chapo” was wearing flying off the shelves.

    I suppose that Penn should be nominated for the Naive Award in the next Oscars, since he doesn’t seem to understand how the world of so-called journalism works. However, he is right. People don’t fucking pay attention to the real story. They like the cops and robbers stuff (as well as the shirt).

  • Buffalo Bill

    The truth came out. El Chapo was interested in the Female Mexican actress
    He didn’t even know who Sean Penn was. And when questioned by the reporter as to why he did the interview Penn hemmed and hawed and stumbled over his words.
    Did you hear Penn call himself an action journalist or some such horseshit?
    Since When is Penn a journalist at all? I mean where is the body of his journalistic work anyway? Surely he is drawing attention to himself in an attempt to jump start his dead career as an actor.

  • Tab RicciBestPot Grower in CR

    The following is one of several possible scenarios:
    Sean seems to be proud he was successful in leading the cops to El Chapo. After all he received a huge reward for setting El Chapo up PLUS he got alotta attention for his upcoming movie where HE will play El Chapo as the lead character.And he got a few days with the Hot Mexican actress before he turned her over to El Chapo who paid him for bringing her to his remote hideout where her screams were not heard. “Smoke ‘em if u got ‘em”

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