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Friday, January 29th, 2016  |  USD: Buy 531.29 / Sell 543.92
20 years

Nicaragua’s long-dormant Momotombo volcano erupts for second time in a month

(Photo courtesy of INETER)

Nicaragua’s Momotombo volcano ended a 110-year period of inactivity with a fiery eruption on December 2, 2015 (Photo courtesy of INETER, Dec 2 2015)

January 4th, 2016 (ICR News) Nicaragua’s Momotombo volcano, which had been dormant for 110 years before waking from its slumber with a violent eruption last month, erupted for a second time before dawn on Sunday morning, according to the Nicaraguan Institute for Territorial Studies.


No one living in the surrounding area was hurt, according to officials.


Prior to a fiery eruption on December 2nd that shot a column of gas and ash more than 26,000 feet into the air, the volcano – located on the north end of Lake Managua, also known as Lake Xolotlan and not far from the city of Leon – had produced no significant activity since 1905.


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