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Friday, January 29th, 2016  |  USD: Buy 531.29 / Sell 543.92
20 years

Arrest warrant issued for Bill Cosby in 2004 sexual assault case

WASHINGTON — Bill Cosby was charged Wednesday with sexually assaulting a woman after allegedly drugging her at his Pennsylvania home 12 years ago. The comedian and actor was charged in Montgomery County, Pa., with aggravated indecent assault involving an encounter in early 2004. An arrest warrant has been issued in the case. District Attorney Kevin Steele…

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  • John

    This is in ICR because…?

    • // Timothy Williams

      During his heyday, Bill Cosby was “adored” here in Costa Rica as well by 10′s of thousands of Costa Rican viewers, if not more (though the show was dubbed in Spanish of course). Cosby was a worldwide celebrity, not just in the US. We try to keep our news Costa Rica / Central America specific but it seemed appropriate enough in the case of Cosby to publish a wire story, at least.

      • John

        Thanks, fair enough.

        • // Timothy Williams

          I think it is actually fair to say that in the 80′s, long before many American expats and retirees who are now in Costa Rica could even locate Costa Rica on a map (Costa Rica was “close to that country [Nicaragua] where there was a war going on” in many Americans’ minds, and thats about it) – The Cosby Show was actually one of the main televised programs here in Costa Rica and other Latin American countries through which Costa Ricans and other Latin Americans formed their idea of what “American culture” and “American family culture” even was, when there were very, very few Americans visiting or living here from which to culturally exchange in real life. Cosby was dearly loved by many, many Costa Ricans during those days. It is also front page in every Spanish-language newspaper in the region today, as well. (Just further explaining his significance far outside of the USA).

      • Buffalo Bill

        You are a gentleman to even reply to such a stupid question Tim.

        • John

          …and you are not, Bill.

          • Buffalo Bill

            Sorry John ,Feliz Ano nuevo, no hard feelings I hope?

        • // Timothy Williams

          Thank you bill for the complement, I do try to be a gentleman as much as possible. That said, I don’t believe it was a stupid question.

          Very few people reading ICR probably even know that Bill Cosby was a popular figure here amongst Ticos.

          I answered John’s question here in the comments and he thanked me for the response and seemed to accept our rational for publishing it afterwards.

          At any rate, Feliz año nuevo! :) And as always, thanks for reading ICR.

    • Buffalo Bill

      Duh, because this is a news outlet for N Americans to enjoy mainly. And are there any N. Americans in Costa Rica John?

      • John

        Relax, Bill. I was wondering about inclusion of the story given ICR’s mission statement to keep us informed as to “what is happening in Costa Rica.” Tim made the connection intelligently (unfair to your ilk admittedly) and politely, and I thanked him.

        • // Timothy Williams

          Indeed. I understood perfectly what John’s point was, and I believe he had no problem understanding my response and why we published this story today after I took all of 2 minutes of my time to reply.

          Nothing to see here, move along folks. :)

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