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Nicaragua proposes that the United States airlift Cubans stranded in Costa Rica

December 21st, 2015 (ICR News) The Nicaraguan government said that the United States should airlift more than 5,000 Cuban migrants stranded in Costa Rica to US soil during a summit of the Central American Integration System, or SICA, in El Salvador on Friday which failed to reach a consensus on how to deal with the crisis.


Nicaragua’s deputy foreign affairs minister, Dennis Moncada said that the US has the “capability as well as the technical and financial resources” to transport the Cubans directly to US territory.


The Cuban migrants, whose numbers have continued to swell, have been stranded in Costa Rica since Nicaragua closed its border to the Cubans on November 15th


Cuban nationals receive preferential immigration status upon setting foot in the United States under the Cuban Adjustment Act, commonly known as the “wet foot, dry foot” policy.


However, warming relations between the United States and Cuba have led to fears on the island that the policy may come to an end, sparking an unprecedented wave of Cuban migration that hasn’t been seen in decades.

Costa Rica on Friday announced that it would stop issuing transit visas to Cuban migrants to traverse its territory after Costa Rican president Luis Guillermo Solis left the summit early in protest.


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  • prdatki

    The US does not want or need the Cubans, If CR would quit feeding them they would go home. If CR wants ,put them in barges and ship them back. Use the bonus from Government worker’s to pay for the trip.

    • disgusted

      Bare bones of $10 a day X 5,000 and counting =1.5 million a month. That can’t make many Tico’s here who are struggling very content.

  • Ken Morris

    This is Nicaraguan anti-US humor, as well as brinkmanship, and I confess to enjoying both.

    Nicaragua knows that no way will the US airlift the Cubans to the US, and further knows that the reason it won’t has nothing with lack of resources. The reason the US won’t airlift the Cubans is because that conflicts with its idiotic policy on Cuban immigrants, which welcomes them after they arrive on their own but refuses to help them come, even turns them away if they haven’t quite made it. Embarrassment over this idiotic policy is the sticking point for the US, and embarrassment will prevent it directly assisting.

    In this, the US is like a well-dressed dignified man whose pants have just fallen down, and Nicas are like the kids pointing and laughing at his underwear. It’s not a serious proposal, only Nicas slapping their knees in glee over the embarrassing jam the US has gotten itself into.

    Of course, there is the serious brinkmanship note. Idiotic US policy is the crux of the problem, and common sense by the US could and should fix it in a finger snap. So Nicaragua is daring Uncle Sam to fix the mess it created.

    However, Nicas know that Uncle Sam, pants down to his ankles and sporting boxer shorts with hearts, isn’t likely to use common sense and fix the problem, so they’re just pointing and laughing.

    There may eventually be some international cooperation, including even face-saving gestures from the US, but the main solution to this problem is going to have to come from Costa Rica.

    Costa Rica is like a poodle Uncle Sam was walking that humped his leg and caused his pants to fall down. Uncle Sam is going to blame the poodle, not his suspenders. The poodle is now the one held responsible.

    And the Nicas are laughing at both.

    • Fernando Gerdano

      What are you smoking?

    • prdatki

      you look and sound more like Clinton every day,!

      • Ken Morris

        Which one? I confess to liking Bill, but loathe Hillary. (I also like the Clinton who was the governor of New York a couple centuries ago.)

    • Chris Marlett

      it would also shine a light on the idiotic US immigration policy in general

  • zippy

    Oh , yeah isn’t that the plan Mr. Ortega? The plan that you, Correa and Raul Castro put together?

    READ: U.S. welfare flows to Cuba

    “They’re taking benefits from the American taxpayer to subsidize their life in another country.”

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