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Friday, January 29th, 2016  |  USD: Buy 531.29 / Sell 543.92
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Costa Rica consumer association calls for tougher enforcement of tax on imported beer



Editor’s note: This story has been significantly corrected and retitled.  Maybe because it is Friday, but we significantly misinterpreted a press release issued by the Association mentioned in the story below in our original reporting of this story.  Originally titled “Costa Rica consumer associations calls for 100 percent tax on imported beer,” the original version of this story was inaccurate.  Instead, The Association is calling for 100 percent of the imported beer tax to be charged at the time of import, rather than the current situation that is described in the now updated story below.  We sincerely regret the error.  The correction will be noted on our corrections page.

October 9th, 2015 (ICR News) The Association of Consumers of Costa Rica is pressing the Ministry of Finance for tougher enforcement of a tax on imported beer that has been in place since 1999.


Currently, 36 percent of the tax is collected at the time of import, and the remaining 64 percent of the applicable tax is supposed to be charged and collected by retailers at the point of sale.  However, many retailers do not comply by charging and collecting the tax, especially in recent years.


The solution, according to the Association, is for 100 percent of the tax to be collected by customs officials at the time of import.


Association president, Erick Ulate said that the government has lost some ¢13 billion in tax revenue over the last 15 years from retailers failing to charge and collect the imported beer tax at retail.


Vice president of the association, Gilberto Campos, said the failure of retailers to collect tax on imported beers is also hindering Costa Rican artisanal producers.


“The beer market is growing in the country thanks to the proliferation of small artisanal producers who offer consumers new varieties and qualities.  The low price of some imported beers as a result of evasion of tax is jeopardizing these new Costa Rican entrepreneurs and consumer choice, and the Government should address this,” Association vice-president, Gilberto Campos said.



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  • disgusted

    At Walmart I have been buying for example the imported Edelweiser beer from Poland 8 pack for 2,650 colons. the Pilsen/Imperial was double go figure. It also reported the Imperial sells in the USA for $12.95 for a twelve pack…. Really if thats true! Maybe who is ramrodding this is the Company here who been fleecing us for years with the high prices .. Just a thought.

  • Gary Blankenship

    The taxes are so high on imported products now it is very hard on everyone not only foreign and Ticos.

  • F**K racists of all colors.

    Costa Rica politicians really need to learn how to encourage business. Every decision they make is at the expense of the people who live there and of tourism. Beer is cheaper in Canada…

  • TrinityGroen

    Thoughtful post ! Speaking of which , people a SSA-711 , my colleague edited a fillable document here

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