• prdatki

    You should have shown what the cost of living is in Costa Rica, cars 50/70% for import duties,, Electronics, clothes,, food etc.?Would be interesting. Then show what Congress makes in Pay and Benefits.

    • SDPUS

      What a great idea.

      • //insidecostarica.com/ Timothy Williams

        The article above is syndicated from our partners at GlobalPost, so we are not allowed to modify it or add to it in any way, though indeed, great idea for a follow up of CR costs versus some other destinations. Might be a good story for later in the week.

  • ejamesfitz

    Costa Rica is becoming one of the most expensive places to live or visit on the planet.

    • Joop Breeschoten

      Absolutely nonsense.

      • ejamesfitz

        Costa Rica is the most expensive place to live in Central America. I continue to check on other countries. I feel Joop Breeschoten has a tendency to be quite judgmental.

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