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Some 200,000 Costa Ricans “March for Jesus” in capital city

(Twitter / Luis Fernando Cascante)

(Twitter / Luis Fernando Cascante)

August 24th, 2015 (ICR News) Thousands of people from across the country flooded the downtown of Costa Rica’s capital city, San Jose on Saturday in a “March for Jesus.”


Evangelical leaders said that an estimated 200,000 people showed up to participate in the march, many dressed in colorful traditional clothing while singing and dancing their way some 5 kilometers down Second Avenue.  Several evangelical lawmakers were also on hand.


Marchers stopped briefly as they passed in front of the San Juan de Dios Hospital to offer prayer for the ill and the staff caring for them.


Johnny Leiva, a legislature belonging to the Social Christian Unity Party (PUSC) said the march was held to express and support the Christian principles to defend peace, life, and family values and the marchers’ love of Jesus Christ.


While the event was organized by evangelicals, largely via social media, many Catholic faithful also took part.


Some 13% of Costa Ricans identify as evangelical Christians, while about 76% identify as Catholics.


Organizers said that the march was apolitical, though some marchers said they wanted to urge President Luis Guillermo Solis and lawmakers in the country’s Legislative Assembly to avoid passing any legislation that violates “traditional Christian family values.”


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  • Ben

    I love that Cash Luna came . What a scumbag. Need a private jet ask CASH LUNA. These churchs do very little to help the poor.

  • YinYang

    I am not sure how much money Costa Rica makes every year from tourism. And I also do not know how much of that money makes up the country’s total revenue. But from what I have heard it makes up for quite a bit of it. That being said from the research I have conducted I think it is safe to say the government and politicians running Costa Rica are almost definitely full of corruption. Not only that they are clearly not very intelligent, lazy, unprofessional and a mix of all those things along with other similar characteristics. Needless to say this is going to be a message that would do them good to listen to but judging from their history of handling issues it is safe to say it won’t be heard until it is too late. Knowing how these events are going to play out prior to them happening gives me no great pleasure but I figured that the least I could do is put this message in a public forum for people to take into consideration whether you are thinking about visiting Costa Rica, thinking about living in Costa Rica or if you are living in Costa Rica already.

    Before I go into the events that will transpire due to the Costa Rican government’s negligence I will start off by saying much of what I am going to say is entirely preventable. Also with that being said I will also note that much of the damage that has already been done is irreversible. I digress. If the government and the politicians in Costa Rica take an immediate and serious approach to cracking down on crimes against expats and tourists alike then whatever money they are currently enjoying from tourism will continue. If they don’t heed this message they will see the latter. That is my message to people holding positions in government in Costa Rica

    So to them I guess is it just a matter of how bad they want that money to keep flowing in and how well they can understand the changes they need to make with how they invest the money they make off tourism, taxes and whatever other sources of income they have.

    Sure on one hand they could continue to be greedy and ignore this message. But I wonder how their perspective might change if just for a moment they looked around at all the things that they enjoy and knew they will soon lose them. Like most corrupt and greedy politicians this type of insight is probably next to impossible to acquire. If it was not the case they would not be finding themselves in the predicament they are about to be in to begin with.

    Furthermore there is a domino effect that would result in their continued negligence that if they had a chance to foresee I am sure they would suddenly have the most motivation in their life if realized. After tourism comes to a halt and all the expats take their money elsewhere. What will remain? One thing that certainly will remain will be all the thugs that caused it to happen to begin with and the politicians who could have stopped it but chose to ignore it. I bet for some people reading this you are starting to see the picture I am painting. But if you’d like to skip all this and move right to the conclusion of my point then I will make it short and sweet. And here it is. Look at Mexico today. You know where the sheriffs and police officers fear for their own life as well as the people holding any sort of government position. You either abide by what the cartels tell you to abide by or risk the loss of your own life or maybe even worse they will take your family’s life first. This is a reality there and I hope that changes. At the same time I hope this will NEVER be a reality for Costa Rica. But I am already seeing how this is playing out and I know I am not alone in this insight. So people of Costa Rica this message is for you.

    Costa Rica is an absolutely beautiful country with unlimited potential if the direction of the country is guided with some moral compass. There is no reason Costa Rica has to fall into a lawless state. I know many people will probably read this and laugh at what I am saying because they are thinking “you fool Costa Rica is already a lawless state.” Well let me be the first to tell you that I whole heartedly disagree with you. I feel I understand Costa Rica as well as Costa Ricans and there is absolutely nothing wrong with the Pura Vida approach to life. It is fantastic. But something not said when those simple words of Pura Vida are uttered is what I think is an implied undertone to what that truly encompasses.

    Costa Rica from what I understand is a country where close to 90 percent of the people living there claim Christianity as their religion of choice. From what I have seen they love Christianity for the real meaning of why it is good to have that as a moral compass. They feel in their hearts doing good is the right way to go through life.

    I have read numerous articles describing the average Tico or Tica in a negative light. I think the people writing those things are not seeing the things I have seen with my own eyes.

    It is my belief that the best part about why Costa Rica is beautiful is the people that live there. Without beautiful people Costa Rica would not have enjoyed the success it has compared to its other Central American counterparts. And when I describe the people of Costa Rica as beautiful I am not referring to the outside appearance I am referring to their hearts.

    The good people of Costa Rica which to what I have seen is the overwhelming majority would do good to realize how they are being mismanaged by corrupt politicians and that sort of negligence has a very true potential of turning the country into an unsafe place even for the people that have lived there for countless generations.

    From what I understand Costa Rica is no stranger to being used by a corrupt government. Do you want to know another thing Costa Rica is not a stranger to? They are also not strangers to looking that corrupt government right in the face and saying we are not going to let you do this anymore. Not just saying words but also doing something about it. Things like this are the types of things that give me tremendous faith in the country as a whole.

    Passive people always get stomped on by greedy jerks that are not directed by any sort of moral compass. But people who choose not to take the cowards approach to life are much, much more difficult to take advantage of.

    When a person is willing to die for their freedom both physically and mentally then there is very little someone can do to control them.

    With all people and places of the world there is a good and a bad. The best places and people are the ones where the good far outweighs the bad. The recent change in crime in Costa Rica is nothing short of a symptom of a ridiculous amount of corruption and if not remedied will bring the people trying to keep the peace in Costa Rica to their knees begging for a change. I pray this will not be Costa Rica’s fate but at the same time if I didn’t feel it was a real threat I probably would not have chosen to write this message in the first place.

    If there is a God. We are all God’s children. But even if there isn’t. We are still all one. The people not just in Costa Rica but the whole world MUST learn to work with others hand in hand through this thing we call life. Our struggles as humans are a direct result of not understanding this completely. As soon as this is realized it will not be long after until the world can share in saying words similar to Pura Vida to all people that they encounter.

    I am not Martin Luther King but I do have a dream. I look at this world with my eyes wide open. I see it for what it is and know the worst hells we can fall to as well as the greatest heavens we could experience. I know for sure that I don’t know anything as to what we will live to see. But what I do know is what I expressed here. And I know how to recognize patterns when I see them. And I am not alone in this so I have no doubt many people who might read this will feel my heart in these words and understand their truthfulness.

    Pura Vida Forever!!

  • duke ster

    How cool! Prayer definitely works ! So nice to see so many people coming out for good. No one is perfect but this is a group who stand for good ideals.

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