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Friday, January 29th, 2016  |  USD: Buy 531.29 / Sell 543.92
20 years

Body discovered at sea identified as U.S. citizen missing since Tuesday in Jaco

The body of U.S. citizen, Ibrahim Sam Karadsheh was discovered at sea Friday morning. (Photo courtesy of the Red Cross)

The body of U.S. citizen, Ibrahim Sam Karadsheh was discovered at sea Friday morning. (Photo courtesy of the Red Cross)

May 15th, 2015 ( The Costa Rican Red Cross confirmed Friday morning the discovery at sea of the lifeless body of 33-year-old U.S. citizen, Ibrahim Sam Karadsheh some two nautical miles offshore of Jaco Beach where the man went missing Tuesday after succumbing to a powerful undercurrent while swimming.


Karadsheh, from Palmdale, California was accompanied by two male cousins while swimming at the beach outside Hotel Cocal and Casino, where they were staying, on Tuesday.  All three men struggled with a powerful undercurrent in the water, though Karadsheh’s cousins were able to escape the water to safety.


Karadsheh’s family described the man as a “quiet, fun loving fitness fanatic, a proud American who loves the outdoors and his disabled mom, who he moved back in with to take care of,” in a statement provided to Inside Costa Rica.

Ibrahim Sam Karadsheh, who goes by "Sam," had been missing since Tuesday afternoon.

Ibrahim Sam Karadsheh had been missing since Tuesday afternoon.

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  • prdatki

    What is so hard to understand,? When a sign says danger strong undertows and currents, it does not mean it is not for you fools !

  • Danny Haddad

    You are an ignorant inconsiderate fool! His family just heard about this and they have to read your heartless comment?? Maybe you should read the bible and learn what being a compassionate human is all about. This man is my wife’s 1st cousin, my condolences to them and may The Lord be with them at this time.

    • // Timothy Williams

      @dannyhaddad:disqus I agree with you that the comment was completely inappropriate. We have deleted the person’s comment. Sincerely, the Inside Costa Rica Staff

      • Danny Haddad

        Thank you for your understanding as the family grieves.

        • // Timothy Williams

          You’re welcome. Please send my condolences on behalf of both myself and everyone here at ICR. We’re very sorry for your loss.

      • Sandy Tonoli

        Thank you Tiimothy. Thank you and Jeff Dunsavage from the Missing American Project for listening and putting this story out for Sam’s family. You truly care about what happens to people, even if you are not receiving support from advertisers. They are afraid, thank you for being brave to print the truth at any cost! I hope folks stand by you and your news team. God bless you all. Sam was a wonderful loving and loved young man. He will be missed by so many. His mother and Sister will feel this void for years to come and we hope and ask that people please be respectful in their comments, as they are grieving this horrible loss.

    • Jeff Dunsavage

      Danny: Your family is not alone. Prayers and much positive energy coming their way.

  • Heather Lane

    Oh, I am so sorry for the family and friends of this young dude. This happens quite often in southern California, where I grew up, and being raised near the ocean we were taught in school how to swim parallel to the beach if caught in a rip current, never try to swim directly towards the shore because you end up fighting the current and eventually losing. By swimming parallel to the beach you eventually get out of that current and can use the waves to get back to shore. I almost panicked once when caught in one but a surfer found me and took me in, luckily. prdatki, you’re mean.

  • Jeff Dunsavage

    Thanks, Tim, for managing the comments. I have seen all too often how the first folks to comment on these stories are internet trolls who know little and feel less. My sincere condolences to Sam’s family.

    • Sandy Tonoli

      Thank you Jeff

  • Albert Garcia

    We are so sorry for the loss of such a wonderful young man. Sam was always welcome at our home here in Houston ,Texas where he worked along with our son Erik Romo and enjoyed playing basketball. Our thoughts and prayers be with family and friends of our dear friend Sam.

  • laila

    God bless.some people are like shooting stars. But burning brighter is eternally ibrahim


  • disgsted

    So sad Jaco beach/ocean is decieving. Looks like rather normal waves and surfers like it. However, there are nasty riptides and this last week there was a warning of high tides,Ibrahim Sam Karadsheh, looks to be in great shape and swimmer however the ocean currents are unforgiving. I would like this to be a warning to all and more posted at the beaches about the dangers here. Heart felt R.I. P. Sam and condolences to family and friends.

  • Erik Romo

    Sam was a great person, friend and much like a brother to me. I have so many great memories with my friend when he lived here in Houston, TX. We kept in touch through out the years he’s been in California. I cant believe my friend is gone. My prayers and my family’s prayers are with him and his family. Especially his sister and mother. I believe my friend is in a better place now with his father and god. R.I.P. Sam you will be missed by many. We love you bro.

  • James Hudgens

    Sam was a good man a good friend. I offer my most sincerest condolences. Now he is with God looking down at us.

  • Lisa Cera Styles

    I can only imagine the struggle he went through and am so sorry for the loss of his life . My condolences .

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