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Dog meat may have been for dinner at Chinese restaurant in Orotina

April 30th, 2014 ( Authorities are investigating the case of a dead dog found amongst the garbage of a Chinese restaurant in Orotina that had been closed by health officials eight days earlier for unrelated reasons.


The dog was discovered yesterday morning amongst other restaurant waste at the “La Estrella” restaurant after police received a telephone tip.  The dog had apparently been skinned, gutted, and frozen.  The animal’s head was nowhere to be found.


The restaurant had been closed eight days ago by the Ministry of Health over sanitary concerns, but had been given the green light to re-open its doors yesterday, prior to the discovery.


Police said the initial report by the tipster stated that there were three such dogs in plastic bags at the time the tipster discovered the carcasses, all in the same condition, and it is believed dogs may have been used as food in the restaurant.


A police official said they were attempting to locate the owners of the restaurant, and that the Ministry of Health is investigating if dogs may in fact have been served as food at the restaurant.


The consumption of dog meat in China, where it is sometimes called “Fragrant Meat,” is not uncommon and dates back thousands of years.  Dog meat is also consumed in other asian countries such as South Korea and Vietnam.


China’s first man in space, Yang Liwei, 44, revealed that he and the crew of the 2003 Shenzhou Five mission consumed dog meat while in orbit.


Dog meat was served to astronauts as late as 2009, according to a menu from a mission.


The flavor has been described as somewhere between pork and beef, leaning more towards pork in most Chinese preparations.


Editor’s note: Inspectors have yet to determine if customers were served dog meat, if the dog meat was for the personal consumption of the owners, or if some other possible explanation exists.   An investigation is ongoing.


Plate of dog meat prepared for hot pot dinner in Guilin, China.  Note tail as garnish on left hand side of platter.  (Wikipedia).

Plate of dog meat prepared for hot pot dinner in Guilin, China. Note tail as garnish on left hand side of platter. (Wikipedia).

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  • Frank Castle

    Look for cat skins next. The Chinese are known to kill cats to eat.

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