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New push for nationwide ban on GMO crops in Costa Rica

genetically modified corn sign

October 4th, 2013 ( Community organizations, environmentalists and lawmakers are making a renewed push for a nationwide moratorium on genetically modified crops in a new bill.


After an intense push on the grassroots level, which resulted in some 80% of the country declaring itself “GMO-free,” activists are re-launching their campaign for a moratorium on a national level, which was to be presented as a bill to legislatures yesterday, with the blessing of Citizen Action Party lawmakers and Jose Maria Villalta of the Frente Amplio.


A sustained effort by several environmental groups, including the Green Block and the Environmental Federation led to 63 of 81 contons throughout the country declaring themselves “GMO-free” in 2012 and 2013.


Mauricio Alvarez of the Environmental Federation believes this shows the degree of consensus in the country to reject such crops.

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  • expatin paradise

    These GMO crops are engineered to tolerate high doses of herbicides that are coincidentally made by the company at the center of most of these GMO crops. The crops end up with higher measurable levels of the toxic chemicals, that we end up ingesting, and high levels of these toxins are going into the waterways in areas where these crops are grown. These toxins are especially harmful to small children. Most corn, soybeans, and cotton grown in the US are GMOs, so most of the junk food and many other products from the US are sold here. The teachers’ union here is asking for these products to be kept out of the schools for good reason. There is also question as to whether the engineering of crops to include insecticides is responsible for bee colony collapse and the reductions in numbers of other pollinators, a phenomenon especially problematic in the US. While livestock (other than “frankenfish”, a mutant Salmon) has yet to include GMOs, livestock feed does include modified corn and soybeans, so these chemicals end up in the meat. Ironically, recent studies have shown that, contrary to claims made by the chemical companies, modified crops have no higher yields than the unmodified crops. An added bonus for the chemical companies is the fact that GMO seed is the purchase that keeps costing farmers. Even if they save seed from one year for subsequent years, they must pay the chemical companies for the right to use the seed, since the seed is patented – farmers have lost their land over lawsuits made by the chemical companies. Bottom line – these products benefit nobody but the big chemical companies and are toxic to everyone else. They should be kept out of Costa Rica at all cost, and any products containing GMOs (even the meat from animals fed GMOs) should be labeled so that people know what they are consuming.

  • Loren Eaton

    @expatinparadise:disqus–please define ‘high doses’. Just because a crop can be tolerant to a given dose doesn’t mean that the grower will spray that if it is not needed…unless they want to go broke.
    ‘The teachers’ union here is asking for these products to be kept out of the schools for good reason.’ Junk food is junk food whether it is GMO or organic…so what is this ‘good reason?’

    • Mimi Bean

      Open your eyes. You have a very small point here about junk food whether organic or GMO, sure you could argue cake is cake whether the sugar is refined or not, it is still sugar. It is the long term effect of the refined sugar that is the problem, not the immediate junk food issues. For sure GMOs are poison!! We should only eat what was intended as food for us naturally, not engineered food loaded with pestisides. That will not sustain us or the planet. It is only a short term fix for cash with a bubble that will pop and leave us all in horrible shape, spoiled soil and many more people with cancer. It is a shame the government is trying to make money as fast as they can at the cost of our lives and at the unknown risk factor to our children. They simply do not care about anything but the money. God set it all up for us and we are tampering with nature, That is wrong.

  • Vardette

    Dow and Monsanto Join Forces to Poison America’s Heartland

    Thursday, 23 February 2012 03:31

    By Richard Schiffman, Truthout | News Analysis

  • Vardette

    Monsanto plans to use Agent Orange on new super weeds that are resistant to Round – Up Ready and will spray entire corn, soy and beet fields with this deadly cancer causing chemical, Agent Orange. Read the article in and learn more. Gmos are a failure and bad, bad, bad for our health and environment. As weeds become mroe and more resistant to the hericides that are used the more toxic agents will be sprayed on the weeds and crops. This poses a serious threat to people and wild life and bees that are so vital to the health of our eco system.

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