Tuesday 01 July 2008, San José, Costa Rica


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Drivers And Tránsitos Confused on Vehicular Restriction Boundaries
Drivers have to get used to the expanded vehicular restrictions of San José and the Policía de Tránsito (traffic police) has the numbers to prove it, saying that apart from the 1.000 tickets issued on the first day (Thursday), an average of 500 tickets a day have been issued on Friday and Monday, second and third day, respectively, of the restriction.

Many believe that the restrictions do not apply to them and flaunt the law, many getting away it as there not enough traffic officials to enforce the expanded restriction, others confused by the boundaries.

Even Tránsito officials not assigned to the detail are confused about the boundaries, given that not all the signs have yet been posted and the confusing messages in the first days published by the Ministro de Obras Públicas y Transportes (MOPT).

On Monday, Tránsito officials fined 473 drivers behind the wheel of vehicles with license plates ending in 1 and 2. In addition to the passenger vehicles, Tránsito reports fining 75 heavy commercial vehicles, mainly in La Uruca at the Heredia entrance. Again, many stopped expressed confusion of the exact boundary of the restriction.

The fine for the violation is ¢5.000 colones.

The restrictions are between 6am and 8:30am and 4:30pm and 7pm.

The restricted area, according to the latest MOPT explanation and marked by signs to be posted during this week.

Some of the confusion areas include:

The La Uruca radial - the main road connection La Uruca to San José with Calle Blancos, Cinco Esquinas de Tibás and the Ladrillera (brick plant).

The Circunvalación Sur that includes the areas surrounding Hipermás, Rancho Guancaste and the Hatillos. The area 100 metres east of Plaza Mayor and the side road to the AyA offices in Pavas, the area around Hospital Mexico (but does not include the Bajo de los Ledezma) and the Juan Pablo II bridge.

The Fuente de la Hispanidad and the rotonda de las Garantías Sociales in San Pedro.

Although it is too early to tell if the results of the lower number of vehicles on the roads and almost no congestion - especially in the Heredia / San José junction - is due to the restriction or the high price of gasoline, one thing is certain, traffic during peak hours and during the day has eased off.

One example pointing to high gasoline prices is the fact that traffic was lighter than normal Saturday night when the restrictions are not in effect. And during a pay day weekend!






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