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Cuba blames US for migrant crisis in Central America, calls for change in policy

December 30th, 2015 -

Guatemala City (dpa) – US special treatment of Cuban refugees is the cause of the crisis of migrants stranded in Central America, according to Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez. “I am convinced that the United States’ politicization of migration policy toward Cuba must end,” Rodriguez told the Prensa Latina news agency. The statement came after the…

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  • disgusted

    Ask Minister Bruno Rodriguez.… why they want to leave a lovely place like Cuba? Wasn’t Cuba the land of of the people…. But hey come on in the USA and a free ticket has housing , food stamps, free medical care, ID card , drivers license and education all on the backs of the USA citizens Nice EH!

  • prdatki

    Cuba should come to CR and remove it ‘s Cubans and keep them !

  • Ken Morris

    Costa Rica has successfully defined the solution to the “humanitarian crisis” as getting the Cubans to the US, when that may actually create a humanitarian crisis.

    First, these migrants are probably very much the kinds of entrepreneurial people Cuba needs to build a post-communist future. Facilitating their departure just leaves Cuba with less of the human capital that it needs to crawl out of its communist past.

    Second, the US doesn’t need or want them. The US is swarming with immigrants and immigrant applications, and adding another 8000 or so isn’t going to help matters.

    Third, and most importantly, there is already considerable pressure being put on the Obama administration to deport Central Americans who claim to be fleeing from persecution by the drug gangs there, and opening the gates to thousands of Cubans is certain to increase the pressure to deport the Central Americans. Thus, by welcoming the Cubans, more Central American refugees will probably be sent home to be raped and murdered.

    Humanitarianism is a noble motive, but just because someone claims that theirs is a humanitarian motive doesn’t mean that it is. When helping some people harms others, I don’t believe that’s always humanitarian.

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