• Roberto

    Despicable, etc.!!! Solis cannot protect the sharks from fining while he is asking the Chinese to buy $1 billion in bonds from Costa Rica.

  • Diego Villalobos Ulate

    And this is how we lose Costa Rica to big business! But I promise we will fight back! Guillermo SolÍs you disappointed us. You and your corrupt party MUST GO!

  • Roberto

    Paul Watson, “”Everything looks good on paper but not in practice. Costa Rica is one of the worst poaching nations in Latin America. Sea Shepherd joined other nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) to denounce the irresponsible attitude of the government of Costa Rica to marine conservation,” said Watson, a publication which appeared in his official Facebook page.

  • Suzanne Calhoun

    This is yet another idiotic move by the Costa Rican government! Not only will they not protect them but they will negotiate on behalf of the butchers to get the fund exported? I hope the airlines do not give in and support the export of the fins. This makes me sick.

  • stfree

    Costa Rica: The leader in environmental protection. What a f’n laugh. Notice to US airlines: You fly shark fins? You will never fly me or mine.

  • disgusted

    WHAT The Heck. I had to re read this article to make sure I even read it right. .. So the fix is in for the slaughter of sharks for their fins. China is laughing at the stupid President and the 1 billion bond they will get back TEN fold. What else has Solis and his group giving away in secret side deals God only knows.

  • james chavis

    Amazing,the fishing ‘sector’?I think it’s Caldera,that’s the most modern bridge in C.R.,and who built it? Clue,who likes shark fin soup?

  • Melania Jones

    LGS you… i cant e ven write, so angry. This stupid Man in destroying my country.

  • lisa joy miller

    Tell Guillermo as a US citizen I am encouraging all my social media contacts to Boycott Costa Rica – Wont be travelling here or buying anything from or in Costa Rica. Shame on you

  • Chris Thomas

    CR government one of the top ten most corrupt countries on planet earth.

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