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Guanacaste water shortage has hotels threatening to close their doors, layoff staff

August 21st, 2014 ( PLN lawmaker, Juan Marin said this week that the chronic water shortage in Guanacaste is so bad that nine hotels in Tamarindo and Langosta are threatening to close their doors and layoff their staff.


Marin said the hotels affected have invested thousands of dollars to try to find their own water sources, to no avail.


“If the situation continues, tourists are not going to come in December,” Marin said, adding that hotel layoffs would worsen unemployment in the area which has already seen an increase as the result of this year’s record drought, which is expected to worsen in the coming months.


Meanwhile, the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) announced earlier this week that construction permits for eight new Guanacaste hotel projects have already been issued, including a large 447-room project in La Cruz.


Nationwide, at least 23 new hotels that are under construction or with approved construction permits will add an additional 2,444 rooms to the country’s inventory.


Lawmakers and officials from the Costa Rican Institute of Aqueducts and Sewers plan to meet with area business leaders on September 8th in Santa Cruz to discuss solutions to the crisis.


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  • disgusted

    No water that is safe to drink and bathe in. A big problem all over the world like ( Las Vegas). These huge hotels and money makers will not be closing. They will get water by hook or crook Right ,Pres. Solis? It will every one else suffering if indeed the water is a problem. Been here many years it use to rain like the dickens during this time, now only every so often a rain shower. The EL NINO off the coast of Peru has really changed the weather pattern.

    • Frank Castle

      Guanacaste has been gradually becoming more deforested over the decades making it drier so the precipitation levels have fallen. These communities should redouble their efforts to reforest with the native trees that live in this region to help lessen the problems with drought. Also, although expensive, the government of Costa Rica should invest in at least one or two desalination plants on the Northern Pacific Coast. California is wisely doing this during the severe drought they are going through.

      • Coffeemate

        For quite a few years ICE was offering free small native saplings to encourage reforestation.

  • Robert

    Guanacaste has 3000 condos without water permit from AyA and not construction permit from municipalities from 2006 to present. Water trust is charging now $5500 for letter of water capacity to each condo owner. Pure life where!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is why Guanacaste is a state of emergency pure negocios.

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