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Five US tourists survive after fire sinks yacht sailing from Los Sueños


View of the burning Foxy Lady as seen from Jaco on Monday morning. (Photo courtesy of CRHoy / David Bermúdez)

June 17th, 2014 ( Five tourists from the United States were able to escape the sinking of a 40-foot sportfishing yacht after the vessel caught fire and sank while at sea yesterday morning.


The boat, an American-flagged vessel named “Foxy Lady,” was sailing about four kilometers off the shores of Herradura after departing from the Los Sueños marina when the fire broke out.


Five passengers were on board, including the owner and captain of the vessel, Peter Wishney and his wife.  All of the passengers were U.S. citizens.


Eduardo Lizano, a dock manager at Los Sueños, said the tourists had planned to go sportfishing.


The emergency began at 8:20 a.m. yesterday morning, when Wishney reported to the marina that he was having engine problems.  After requesting assistance, he added that there was also a small fire below deck, which he believed could be controlled.


Apparently, at some point it became evident that the fire could not be controlled and all of the passengers were evacuated with the assistance of an emergency vessel sent by the Coast Guard from the port of Caldera, which also sent a naval fire extinguishing unit to attempt to put out the blaze.


Despite their efforts, the fire eventually consumed the vessel, sinking it.


Back on land, the passengers were taken by ambulance to a private medical center.  All were reported in stable condition.


Authorities said the fire is believed to have started in a bedroom on the vessel, adding that a full investigation would not be possible as the vessel had sunk.



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  • Andrew

    Gives new meaning to:
    That is one hot foxy lady

  • Jeff Surfoutback

    The fire was controlled by Los Suenos Marina before the Puntarenas Fire boat showed up, they then called the Los Suenos fire department off that was extinguishing the fire safely from there boat. So that the Puntarenas fire fighters could get on the burning boat loaded with 100s of gallons of fuel with out any life vests and sink the boat within minutes and also 3 of the Punterenas fire fighters had to be resued from drowdning by Los Suenos fire boat. The Punterenas fire boat also had to cut there fire hoses because they had become tangled around the burning boat and was at risk of sinking there own vessel. They managed to do all that in less then 15min. There needs to be an investigatiin into that, and why these fire fighters obviously have no training and are a bigger threat to them selves then the fire there trying to put out…

    • El Torito

      Stephen Leacock or James Thurber couldn’t have written a funnier story. Mind you, it’s OK to see the humour in it since, miraculously, nobody was hurt or killed.

    • Timothy Williams

      Jeff, if you would be willing to go record with what you know of the incident, please drop us a line at Thank you.

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