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UN welcomes Costa Rica public health decision to offer equal coverage for gay couples

May 23rd, 2014 ( The United Nations welcomed today a decision by Costa Rica’s public health and pension system, CCSS, to grant gay couples coverage on the same terms as heterosexual couples.


The decision extends benefits to the gay partner of a working person, as is currently the case for straight couples that live together in a “free union” or are married.


CCSS board member José Luis Loría proposed the change earlier this month.


Specifically, the decision amends paragraph 15 of Article 10 of the Regulations on Health, which previously defined a partner as a “person, man or woman, who lives in a free and stable union and under one roof with someone of the opposite sex.”


The decision rewords the paragraph to define a partner as a “person, man or woman who lives in union and stably under one roof with another of the opposite sex and/or the same sex.”


UN Resident Coordinator, Yoriko Yasukawa, commended the decision, and also stressed the need for further progress to eliminate all forms of discrimination against gay, lesbian, and transgender people.

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    Lots of Costa Rican need to be more open minded on this issue. Sad that people have to be scared to say who they really want to be.

    • mhogan

      If you believe the joke circulating (albeit non politically correct); there are a lot of gay Costa Ricans: what does it take to turn a straight xxx into a gay one? About 6 Imperial cervezas. So why not just admit it and get on with your life?

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