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“Luxury” home tax must be paid by January 15th

January 7th, 2014 ( The annual tax on “luxury” homes, known as the Solidarity Tax, must be paid by Wednesday, January 15th to avoid penalties and interest.


This year, the tax applies to homes with a construction value in excess of  ¢121 million (~$242,000) for tax purposes.  Last year’s threshold was ¢117 million.


In calculating the construction values, all construction, fit and finish, as well as electrical and plumbing systems are included.  If the construction value exceeds ¢121 million, the home is considered to be a ‘luxury home.’  After the construction cost is calculated, the value of the land is added, and the tax is finally calculated at a rate of 0.25% to 0.55% of the total estimated value, based on a sliding scale.


The Solidarity Tax came into effect in October 2009. The government uses the tax proceeds to build housing for those in extreme poverty.


The only way to register and pay the tax is with Form D-179. This form is available electronically on the Hacienda website and may be filed and paid electronically, or printed and taken along with payment to authorized collection agencies.  The luxury home tax must be paid by the 15th of this month to avoid penalties, which include a 1% per month penalty on the unpaid taxes due plus interest.

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  • mhogan

    Can you tell me please where are the authorized collection agencies this year? Last year, I could pay at Scotiabank de Costa Rica but rules change in Costa Rica like the seasons.

    • Timothy Williams

      Only place we know of for *sure* (they notified us by email) is Banco de Costa Rica (BCR); Banco Nacional should be a sure bet as well. We can’t confirm one way or the other on Scotia as we have not been in contact with them. – Tim Williams, Editor

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