Activist-author Vandana Shiva to visit Costa Rica with anti-GMO message


January 2nd, 2014 ( Indian physicist, environmental activist and anti-globalization author Vandana Shiva will be in Costa Rica this month to speak against genetically modified crops.


More than 50 cantons in Costa Rica – some 80% of the country – declared themselves to be GMO-free last year, while community organizations, environmentalists and some lawmakers continue to push for a nationwide ban on GMOs.


Shiva, a staunch opponent of GMOs, has authored more than 20 books and is also vocal against globalization.


Shiva has called GM seeds “seeds of slavery.”


Shiva is not without her critics.  Professor C.S. Prakash, professor of plant molecular genetics at Tuskegee University in Alabama said “Vandana Shiva would rather have her people in India starve than eat bioengineered food,” when relief societies had brought high-nutrition corn-soy mix to millions of Indians whose homes had been destroyed by a cyclone and Shiva insisted India to withdraw it.


Shiva will give a lecture and press conference entitled “Seeds of Freedom and the Fight Against GMOs” at the University of Costa Rica on Tuesday, January 21st.

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