Man shoots and kills Russian tourist in Jacó in apparent self-defense

December 11th, 2013 ( A man shot and killed a Russian tourist in Jacó yesterday morning, in what is initially being called self-defense.


The 62-year-old Russian tourist, identified by the last name Grigorenco, had entered the country days ago, apparently to visit his son who lived in a condo near Jacó.


Allegedly, around 9:30 a.m. yesterday morning, Grigorenco began to have some sort of nervous breakdown, throwing furniture and appliances out of the window of the residence.


A neighbor apparently responded to the commotion and attempted to calm Grigorenco.


According to the neighbor however, Grigorenco lunged at him with a knife, at which time the man drew his .38 caliber weapon and shot Grigorenco three or four times, the shots impacting Grigorenco in the arm, left thigh, and abdomen, killing him at the scene.


The shooter, which unconfirmed reports indicate might be an American, was arrested at the scene.  Grigorenco’s body was transferred to the Judicial Morgue where an autopsy will be performed.


Authorities are investigating the incident.

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    • Aitor Xaranga

      So…the Cold War is NOT over.

      • Douglas Hotchkiss

        hide the vodka next time

      • Douglas Hotchkiss

        hide the vodka