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Costa Rica arrests four alleged FARC rebels; seizes cocaine and weapons

November 4, 2013 (AFP) – Police in Costa Rica have arrested four suspected members of Colombia’s FARC rebel group, authorities said Friday.

The overnight operation at various locations in San Jose also netted more than 400 kilos (880 pounds) of cocaine and 35 weapons.

After being alerted by US anti-drug agents, the country’s Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ) raided several houses and an armory in three neighborhoods.

Via social media, the OIJ said the detained Colombians appeared to be “part of a FARC cell.”

OIJ spokeswoman Marisel Rodriguez disclosed the cocaine and weapons seizures, adding that a Costa Rican was also arrested in the operation.

The FARC, which is the Spanish acronym for the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, has about 8,000 fighters under arms and has been fighting the state since its founding in 1964.

The two sides began peace talks in Cuba a year ago in an effort to end Latin America’s longest-running insurgency.

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  • expatin paradise

    One has to wonder if there is any credibility to the OIJ’s assertion that these people “appeared to be part of a FARC cell.” I believe that there was a similar report a few daays earlier. Is this just rhetoric aimed to discredit the leftist FARC, a bid for assistance from the US (which is clearly on the side of the Colombian government)? Perhaps this is just poor communication by the OIJ or bad reporting, but, if there is evidence linking these people to FARC, that evidence should be cited.

    • Timothy Williams

      Check back here tomorrow.

      • Andrew

        How about a follow=up on the captured Somalis story Timothy?

        • Timothy Williams

          Thanks for the reminder Andrew, we do have additional info. I’ll see if we can get it published for Wednesday.

          • expatin paradise

            Still haven’t seen those additional details.

          • Timothy Williams

            Replied on a separate thread, but here you are (copied from other thread):

            Andrew – I am going to reply to you here as the additional information we have wasn’t enough to warrant a complete article.

            The three that were arrested were actually released the same day with an order to appear at an immigration hearing in San Jose the very next day to see if they could be granted some form of asylum. They failed to appear, and as such they are now wanted by authorities and their whereabouts (along with the others that were able to escape) is unknown.

            The initial report that they might have arrived via Nicaragua is now contradicted by a police report in which it is stated they may have arrived via Panama or perhaps the south Caribbean of Costa Rica. They were stopped at a police checkpoint not far from Liberia in a minibus of some sort, apparently being transported by a “coyote.”

          • expatin paradise

            Thanks for the post. I think that i saw that thread but didn’t see it as responsive to my comment – I still see no evidence connecting these guys to FARC. I do, however, see that they managed to con the judge out of putting them in preventative detention – score another one for the crooks.

          • Timothy Williams

            Correct. No evidence that they were connected with FARC, nor was it even alleged that they were related to FARC (Commenter Andrew was asking about a different story from the one above). Likely just Somali refugees trying to get themselves smuggled into the US. Refugee Somalis have come ashore in the Caribe here before.

          • expatin paradise

            Wrong thread – see above. This is about “Costa Rica arrests four alleged FARC rebels; seizes cocaine and weapons.”

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