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Friday, January 29th, 2016  |  USD: Buy 531.29 / Sell 543.92
20 years

Tom Brady bodyguards to face trial in Costa Rica

(AFP) – Three bodyguards working for American football star Tom Brady and his supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen are to stand trial in Costa Rica after firing shots at two photographers during an altercation at the couple’s 2009 wedding.

A court in Puntarenas, on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast, set a trial date for September 23 against two Costa Rican security guards and a Colombian national who are accused of shooting at AFP photojournalist Yuri Cortez and fellow photographer Rolando Aviles.

The incident occurred on April 4, 2009 as Cortez and Aviles attempted to cover the celebrity couple’s wedding reception held at Brazilian model Bundchen’s Costa Rican holiday home.

According to a previous lawsuit filed by AFP and the two photographers, Cortez and Aviles were forced to drive into the Bundchen property, where they refused demands from bodyguards that they turn over their cameras and memory cards.

As they drove off, “one of the Brady/Bundchen bodyguards opened fire with pistols and shot at Cortez and Aviles,” the suit said.

The bullet shattered the rear window of the vehicle and “narrowly missed striking the heads of Cortez and Aviles.”

“We look forward to the conviction (of the three accused),” said a lawyer for the two photographers. “We have sufficient evidence to support this accusation in court.”

Cortez meanwhile said he was looking forward to seeing the men finally face trial “after four years of waiting.”

“They tried to kill me and I think we have enough evidence to prove it,” said Cortez, who is currently a photojournalist working in AFP’s Mexico City bureau.

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  • John Dungan

    Several questions come to mind, considering that this is CR we’re talking about: Will they even be present at trial? Will they get any kind of punishment? If they do get punished, what kind of punishment will they get, considering that murderers only get a form of house arrest?

  • Chris Thomas

    Costa Ricans are savage animals specially the police they say they are peaceful but they are violent they just swept incidents under the carpet

    • Fhuh Kew

      Yup. I see you’ve been here a while. They do, however, whisper “con permiso” before they cut your throat.

  • NorthendFool

    Ive been in CR for 7 years on and off as a property owner. This is a joke. Ive seen men kill and be released the next day and told to report to the police station every month. Its a joke.

  • Fernando Gerdano

    Missing the point, this is a money grab, they will get off when they agree to make a big payoff to the idiots with the cameras, lawyers and probably the judge. Pura vida.

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