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Chinchilla: Nicaragua is “practically selling their country,” demands respect for Costa Rican sovereignty

laura chinchilla

President Laura Chinchilla (archive photo)

July 24th, 2013 ( The President of Costa Rica, Laura Chinchilla, demanded yesterday that Nicaragua respect Costa Rica’s sovereignty in its bid to open concessions for offshore oil exploration in that country, adding that Nicaragua is “practically selling their country.”


“It is very clear that Nicaragua is practically selling their country.  If they want to do that with their country, do it with their country, but respect the boundaries and sovereignty of Costa Rica,” Chinchilla said while touring the province of Guanacaste in preparation for the annual July 25th holiday that celebrates the province’s annexation.


The president described as “an abuse, and excessive contempt for sovereignty” Nicaragua’s plans to offer oil concessions in waters Costa Rica considers its own.


The Costa Rican Foreign Ministry on Monday sent a letter of protest to Nicaragua over the situation.


Nicaragua has already negotiated a contract with the U.S. firm, Noble Energy, and says that the Spanish firm Repsol will also begin drilling next month.


Maritime boundaries between the two countries are not well defined, after negotiations on the subject ended in 2005.  Costa Rica claims Nicaragua unilaterally walked away from the negotiations.


Costa Rica said on Monday that Nicaragua is not informing potential bidders that certain maritime zones are disputed between the countries, or claimed by Costa Rica outright.


Costa Rica said it would be sending a communiqué to governments and oil companies throughout the world informing them of its position.

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  • SarongGoddess

    Does anyone else feel there’s LOTS of “thems fighting words” coming from her lately??? Talk about selling a country out . . . I’m just saying . . .

  • Patrick Smyth

    One word. China.

    • mhogan

      Think it’s time to coin a new word: Chinaphobia!!!! Think the U.S. or Russia or Korea or Venezuela, or even little Costa Rica (et al) are so pure and selfless? Give me a break!

  • disgusted

    President Oscar Arias did he not switch from Taiwan to Communist China for money and a stadium?? Who selling who and what here?? The PLN. Oscar said Lady Laura doe not have intellectual capacity to understand what is going on. She still doesn’t. Wait till Nicaragua starts pumping oil from the sea bed and raking in the money, well China raking in the money.

  • prdatki

    What isDonna Chiwawa crying about, Oscar and Her have sold Costa Rica to China. Look at the poor quality stadium, cop cars and any thing elses made in china. If CR wants to help its people get out of debt, then it must drill for oil on both coasts.Then cut pay and benefits for all Govt. employes.

  • dark451

    This conflict sounds madeup. It would have been great to show a diagram depicting the area Nicaragua is offering to oil companies, the area Costa Rica claims is hers, and the area recently awarded to Nicaragua by the World Court.
    It would be ironic to see Costa Rica claim any area that was recently awarded to Nicaragua (any area that used to be Colombian). Costa Rica already had a treaty with Colombia for a maritime boundary in the caribbean. I dont see why Costa Rica would suddenly be claiming any territory that was Colombian.

    Hence more information is required for this so-called conflict. Maybe both countries need to deviate attention from something internally… sounds orchestrated.

    • Mike

      But Nicaragua doesn’t have anything to do in these mess, the thing is from the 2012 an is till today that they “found out” when these is a public information, or they didn’t do their work or they just wait the right moment to said it to their Costa rican ppl. Ortega doesn’t need anything right now, he is like 80% in popularity according to lasts surveys (weeks before these “conflict). In fact, Ortega can’t play the nationalism coz it doesn’t work in Nicaragua, but Laura does coz it really works there, La trocha, and no one is in jail yet, oh yeah, they had to do that trocha coz nicaragua was invading them

  • simplyfantabulous

    I believe there may actually be a plan in place to build an honest-to-goodness real canal through Nicaragua, although millions disagree. But there’s no disagreement the inbound capital flow that’s coming either way will be thoroughly sifted by today’s oligarchs, the post-Sandinistas. Thomas Jefferson’s observation that the tree of liberty needs to be watered with blood every 20 years or so has particular resonance as Daniel Ortega and many other bloated, balding and aging Nicaraguan revolutionaries seem all to be cashing in, one after another, via various government concessions granted in the past couple years. Zirconium or not, the new Big Ditch is just the most glittering stone in the stolen array.

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