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Oscar Arias gives scathing criticism of President Laura Chinchilla on national TV

Oscar Arias

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July 8th, 2013 ( Former president Oscar Arias gave a scathing criticism of current president, Laura Chinchilla, on the national television network Repretel.


Arias accused Chinchilla of not known how to govern the country, and said his former ‘right hand’ has not sought council for help in governing.  Chinchilla was formerly one of Arias’ two vice presidents during his administration.


Arias, speaking as though he was giving confession, told the Repretel news reporter that he regretted having supported Chinchilla and “pushing” her into the Presidency.


Unlike the praise that Arias gave Chinchilla four years ago during the 2010 campaign, and after her election, Arias joined the sharp criticism that has been lobbed at Chinchilla in recent years over the government’s lack of transparency and corruption.


In the television interview, Arias accused his successor and fellow party member of a “lack of intellectual clarity,” which he said affects her ability to govern.


“I have nothing to do with this government, however – mea culpa, mea culpa.  I [supported] Laura, who was my vice president.  She did not continue any of my government’s policies.  She distanced herself; […] and evidently when she [became president] she wanted to do things differently,” Arias said.


“I imagine that her most intimate advisors told her that she needs to distance herself [from me].  I have not spoken to her in three years.  She has never consulted me over anything, never asked my advice or opinion on how to do things,” Arias continued.


“She, like I’ve said many times, does not have intellectual clarity […] and the truth is, the Costa Rican people resent this, they resent that the country doesn’t have a course, doesn’t have a compass.  No one knows where we are going,” Arias said.


“As well, there have been cases of corruption, which are regrettable; you must know who you surround yourself with,” Arias added.

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  • georgechapogas

    it is easy to scape shit off of your shoe, the stink is harder to get rid of don oscar.

  • disgusted

    Lady Laura..”"does not have intellectual clarity”".Well Dah!. My question Oscar who does have?/ Johnny?? Nah I don’t think any politician does. It is all about power and the money.

  • John Dungan

    Like he was so much better than she is? Give me a break.

  • mhogan

    HaHa! “intellectual clarity” is the most polite term I have ever heard to say that someone’s elevator doesn’t stop on all floors. I’m wondering if that’s what he meant, although I’m sure it’s not.

  • Ken Morris

    This could be the honest and thoughtful opinion of an elder statesman, or simply reflect the bitterness of a would be power broker who was spurned. Some of the thinking going into the Chinchilla administration was that she was to be the puppet of the Arias brothers, and by refusing to play that role they would be understandably annoyed. I personally don’t know which interpretation is closure to the truth, but suspect a little of both.

  • disgusted

    Oscar clarity was Communist China over a Democratic China. His clarity was a Stadium built by Chinese workers had little benefit to those here. and concessions to Spanish company making millions the road to Calderon. . His clarity as well a shameful if he thinks his administration did so much better. Oscar be careful what your saying..PLN party is all the same.

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