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Paul Watson says Costa Rica is in Japan’s pocket; blames Jairo Mora’s death on government

Paul Watson

Paul Watson

June 27th, 2013 ( In an interview with Rainforest Radio yesterday, environmentalist Paul Watson of the Sea Shepard society claimed Costa Rica’s criminal complaint against him is the result of millions of dollars in donations given by Japan to Costa Rica, and also said environmentalist Jairo Mora – found murdered on a beach in Moín earlier this month – would not be dead of Costa Rica’s government would have “done its job.”


Watson said that Costa Rica charged him with a crime that doesn’t exist in Costa Rica because the country is being a “serving boy” to Japan, which wants him extradited.


Watson, 62, was charged by Costa Rican authorities with endangering a Costa Rican shark fishing boat and its crew in 2002.


Watson, who has been a fugitive for almost a year since Costa Rica issued an international arrest warrant against him, said that Jairo Mora would not have died if the government had protected turtles, other species, and its own beaches.  Watson said that Costa Ricans should be embarrassed by what happens in their territorial waters, referring to the indiscriminate killing of non-target species.


Watson has put up $30,000 of his own money for information that leads to the capture of Mora’s killers, which he said came from the sale of a vehicle he owned, and is not funds provided by the Sea Shepard organization.


Watson also indicated that a new vessel purchased by the Sea Shepard organization should be named after Mora.


Watson, a Canadian, was arrested at the airport in Frankfurt, Germany, on May 13th of last year, after international arrest warrants were issued by Japan and Costa Rica.  He was released a week later after posting bail of 250,000 Euros, and his whereabouts have been unknown since.

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  • georgechapogas

    do you always publish interviews with criminals? zero creds.

    • georgechapogas

      seriously tim, publishing this without the other side, the available facts of the criminal charges is not right. i am not trying to flame you, i know u r trying. but activists and organizations like the IMF and UN groups deserve context. i would say the same about a right wing activist.

      • Miguel

        yeah right, because poor IMF can NEVER give their side of the story, poor souls lack the resources to give their side …..I feel so bad for them….helpless victims , in the middle of Africa, no money , no internet , they REALLY are intercommunicated………same as Japan , I am sure they have NOOOOO computers to publicize their side of the story, its really an isolated island… internet , no electricity, no way to voice their side of the story.

        • georgechapogas

          what are you talking about. the IMF is not the other side, costa rica is. what a dumb post.

          • Miguel

            ” publishing this without the other side, the available facts of the criminal charges is not right” , “the other side” in other words, the CR government (right?) have lots of opportunities to publish their side of the story….in fact, the inaction of the CR government specifically regarding shark finning is to me , by itself, a statement of ‘their side of the story’

      • Timothy Williams

        George, we covered Costa Rica’s side and the charges made by CR against Watson previously. The story above is in regards to his comments during a recent radio interview, and should be taken as such (his comments/opinion, not ours). I agree it probably would have been appropriate to regurgitate some of our previous coverage on the matter to include some context for this story, though.

        • georgechapogas

          wow, i have never been agreed with before, thanks tim. yes it was an omission. please do not become the CR version of KOS.

  • Patrick Smyth

    He is an embarrassment to my alma matter and to canada as a whole.

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