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Discount in “Marchamo” for motorcyclists speeds ahead

Marchamo 2013
December 14th, 2012 ( A bill that has made its way through Congress and the legislative process in record time was voted on yesterday in first debate in the Legislative Assembly.
The bill seeks to reduce the amount that motorcyclists must pay for this year’s “Marchamo” (annual vehicle tax). The bill requests a fixed amount of 7,000 colons for the mandatory insurance portion, instead of the current 33% of the premium.
The motion received 38 positive votes out of the 43 legislators that were present.
Whilst motorcycles would pay in some cases 13,000 colons less (for coverage of 3.5 million colons), and others up to 18,000 colons less (for coverage of 6 million colons), the insurance portion for other vehicles would increase by 4,000 colons.
The bill would have cars and trucks pay a fixed amount of 9,500 colons to the National Road Council (Cosevi), instead of the 5,733 colons that are currently paid.
Both the Legislative as well as the Executive powers have the intention of moving the bill to second debate before the public sector goes on vacation next Friday.

The second debate will occur on Tuesday, and the bill would then be sent to the President, Laura Chinchilla, for final approval and publishing in the official newspaper, La Gaceta.

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