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Significant eruption at Costa Rica’s Poas Volcano over the weekend

poas volcano

October 30th, 2012 ( – At approximately 1:00 a.m. on Sunday morning, those who live near the Poas Volcano heard a big roar.  When the sun came up, park rangers realized that the volcano had experienced a large phreatic eruption.


The crater ejected mud and ashes over 500 meters in the air. The wind carried the ashes all the way down to the main building in the park.


The Poas Volcano had not had this type of eruption since 2006. Though the volcano sees frequent activity, the eruptions are usually quite small, never leaving the crater’s lagoon.


Experts say that the activity is normal, but that they will be paying special attention to the volcano during the next few days.


“Phreatic activity is very normal in the Poas Volcano, and it has occurred in the past, sometimes in a consistent manner, and other times on an on-and-off basis, so we must take this as part of the volcano’s routine,” said Eliecer Duarte from OVSICORI (Costa Rican Volcano and Seismology Observatory).


The volcano will remain open to the public and will keep its regular schedule until the experts are certain of any potential risk to tourists.

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