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Laura Chinchilla has lowest approval rating on American continent

laura chinchilla

COSTA RICA – September 24th, 2012 – Among all the Presidents on the American continent, Laura Chinchilla has earned the distinction of the one with the lowest public approval rating, according to Mitofsky Consultants on Sunday.

Chinchilla occupies the last space on the chart comprised of 20 presidents on the American continent, with the lowest approval rating of her administration. Just 13% of Costa Rican citizens approve of the job she is doing – the lowest of any president in the Americas. Chinchilla began her term with a 64% approval rating.

On the other end of the scale, Rafael Correa, President of Ecuador, and Mauricio Fuentes, President of El Salvador, received approval ratings of 80% and 72% respectively. This is Correa’s second time topping the chart.

Others with high approval ratings are Otto Perez from Guatemala, whom with six months in office is in 3rd place with 69% of the population’s support, followed by Hugo Chavez from Venezuela, whose position rose 64%, placing him 4th on the list.

The president of Brazil, Dilma Russeff, remains in the same position in regards to her last evaluation, with a 62% approval rating, followed by the president of the Dominican Republic, Leonel Fernandez, with 61%, and Daniel Ortega, from Nicaragua, who obtained 59% of his country’s approval.

The presidents with “medium” grades are Juan Manuel Santos from Colombia, with a 54% approval rate. Ricardo Martinelli from Panama follows him, receiving 52% job approval.

The president of the United States, Barrack Obama, received a 49% approval rate, coming in 10th place, only two months before the elections in which he is seeking reelection.

Felipe Calderon, president of Mexico, reached his lowest evaluation in his current administration, coming in 11th place with a 46% approval rate.

Presidents with “low” approval ratings include Cristina Fernandez from Argentina, with 43%, Evo Morales from Bolivia, with 41%, Ollanta Humala from Peru, with 40%, and Uruguay president Jose Mujica, also with 40%.

According to the study, those presidents who received less than a 40% approval rate are considered “very low”. The list begins with Canada’s Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, with a 37% approval rating, followed by Paraguay president Federico Franco, with 36% and Sebastian Pinera from Chile, also with 36%.

In the place before last is the president of Honduras, Porfirio Lobo, whose popularity tumbled to the 19th position, with a 14% approval rate.

Chinchilla is in the very last place- with just 13% approval from her population.

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