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Dengue Fever on the rise in Costa Rica

September 18th, 2012 – The Aedes Aegypti mosquito has delivered more than 8,480 cases of dengue fever in Costa Rica this year, 36% higher than the number of cases reported last year.

According to information from the Health Ministry, there have been 2,230 more cases of dengue this year than in 2011. Of the total cases, nine people have suffered from the more dangerous dengue hemorrhagic fever, three of which occurred in the Atlantic region, three others in the Sarapiqui area, two in Puntarenas and one in Guanacaste.


50% of the total cases have occurred in the Atlantic region, with Pococi being the town most affected with a total of 2,804 cases, followed by Talamanca, with 366 cases, Guacimo with 354, Matina with 259, Limon, with 227 an Siquirres, with 157.


The Central Pacific region is the second most affected, with a total of 1,846 cases. The health Ministry said there is an elevated level of transmission in the areas of Barranca and the peninsula area of Puntarenas, as well as Esparza, Montes de Oro and Orotina. 91% of the cases in the central Pacific area are located in these towns.


An official said the increase this year can be attributed to people having lost their fear of dengue, and emphasized the importance of removing the mosquitos’ typical breeding grounds, such as used tires.


The most common symptoms of dengue fever are severe headaches, high fever, back and muscular pain, nauseas and vomiting, pain in the joints and behind the eyes, and a rash that begins three to four days after the fever begins, and which may spread throughout the arms, legs and face.

Symptoms of Dengue Fever


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