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Friday 10 October 2008, San José, Costa Rica 

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ALBA Full Membership Urged in Honduras
TEGUCIGALPA - The National Resistance Coordinator (CNRP), an umbrella for several civil organizations, urged Parliament to ratify Honduras´ Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA) membership.

The senators are convoked to discuss this Thursday the incorporation of this country to the regional mechanism, as the only topic in their agendas.

The acceptance to join ALBA, promoted by Cuba and Venezuela, has found resistance by powerful groups in this Central American nation.

The coordinator of the Popular Block which is part of CNRP, Carlos Reyes, said that the only ones rejecting the project are the United States and a few rich people in the country.

“The rich entrepreneurs reject the adherence because they consider that it puts in risk the relations with the US, a main partner of Honduras,” added.

Meanwhile, numerous civil organizations insist in the urgency for the country to receive ALBA’s benefits, due to the grave crisis provoked by neoliberalism.

CNRP, in a letter directed to Senators in Parliament, insisted in the importance of a regional alliance.

The document adds that “it is about uniting Latin American and the Caribbean in only one economic, political and social block which gathers the principles of a true regional integration,” said.

The Coordinator highlights that the principles of ALBA are solidarity, justice, equity, cooperation and social development along with respect to sovereignty and autodetermination.

The joining of ALBA was signed in Tegucigalpa last August 25th by President Manuel Zelaya and Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez.

In that event were present their counterparts of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, Boliva, Evo Morales. For Cuba assisted vice president, Carlos Lage.




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