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Nicaragua Asks For Full Investigation Into Dog Attack
In typical fashion, the daily Spanish newspaper Diario Extra published on the front page of today's edition, gruesome photos of the remains of the man attacked by two rottweilers Thursday morning.

The graphic photos are, according to the newspaper editor, published as a reminder of what a mortal danger of a rottweiler attack.

Meanwhile, the Nicaraguan government, is asking Costa Rican authorities for a complete investigation into the death of 25 year old Nicaraguan, Leopoldo Natividad, who was illegal in Costa Rica and was attacked while attempting to rob, along with two other thieves, the installations of Taller Zuñiga, located in Cartago.

Oscar García, a spokesperson for the Nicaraguan Chancellery, confirmed that Managua (the centre of Nicaraguan government) has send an official request to the government of Costa Rica, asking for an "exhaustive investigation and a complete report".

The news of the attack left many Nicaraguans in shock and promoted criticism by the Centro de Investigaciones Nicaragüense de Derechos Humanos (Cenidh) - Nicaraguan human rights organization - questioning the effectiveness of Costa Rican police officials.

Costa Rican Foreign Minister, Roberto Tovar, confirmed receiving the request by his Nicaraguan counterpart, following a personal conversation with Nicaragua's Foreign Minister, Normal Caldera.

Tovar assured that Costa Rica will make a full investigation of the case and will keep Caldera informed of the progress, as the Organismo de Investigación Judicial (OIJ) tries to piece together the events and determine what actually happened in the early morning attack.


The Rottweiler has a massive, powerful body. Muscular and athletic, it has a broad head and rounded forehead. The muzzle is well-developed with a scissors bite. Its eyes are dark with an expression of goodwill and loyalty. The ears are triangular, carried forward, and its nose is wide and black. The lips are black and inside the mouth it is dark-colored. The tail is customarily docked. Often born with rear dewclaws, these are usually removed when the tail is docked. The coat is short, hard and thick. It is black with brown markings on the cheeks and muzzle, paws and legs. A red color with brown markings also exists. There is a deficiency in the hair gene making the coloring a lighter red.

The Rottweiler is calm, trainable, courageous, and devoted to their owner and family. They have a reliable temperament. Protective, he will defend his family fiercely. These are strong fighters that seem immune to pain. Serious, steady and confident. Firm and careful training is essential for this breed, otherwise you may end up with a very powerful and overly aggressive dog. Yet they can, with proper handling, also be loyal, loving and very rewarding companions. They require owners who can handle their massive size.

The Rottweiler is a natural guard dog with a mellow temperament. They are highly intelligent and have proven their worth beyond question in police, military, and customs work over many centuries. This breed needs a lot of companionship and socialization to be truly happy. They can be aggressive with other dogs and should be kept on leashes in public places.

When the Rottweiler is consistently brought up and trained, it will be a good playmate for the children. It will accept cats and other household pets as long as the dog has had a positive experience with them while it was young. Friends and relatives of the family are normally enthusiastically welcomed. Strangers can get no further than the sidewalk.

The Rottweiler is probably descended from the Italian Mastiff. During the Middle Ages, it was used as a herd dog. It was bred in the German town of Rottweil in Wurttemberg. Practically extinct in the 1800's, the breed population began a comeback in the early twentieth century due to the efforts of enthusiastic breeders centered in Stuttgart. Some of the Rottweilers talents include: tracking, herding, guarding, police work, carting and competitive obedience.

The above photos of the remains of the Nicaraguan man attacked by two rottweilers Thursday morning, were published on the front page of the daily Spanish language newspaper Diario Extra, reminding people of the mortal danger of a rottweiler attack.


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