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Two Faces of Erlyn Hurtado, Dead Brothers Lying in Morgue Unclaimed

Two Faces of Erlyn Hurtado, Dead Brothers Lying in Morgue Unclaimed
Sitting in front of the judicial agents, Erlyn Hurtado Martínez, the 26 year old man who took 33 people hostages, injuring 17 and killing 7, sat quietly, bowing is head and only nodding at the his answers.

The face that the man who perpetrated the bloodiest occurrence in costa Rican history told officials with his gesture, that it was not him but "the other" who killed the seven people, wanting to have them believe that he is a person that couldn't hurt a fly.

During the 28 hours of the siege of the Banco Nacional in Santa Elena de Monteverde, Erlyn keep a nation in suspense, as he held more than a dozen hostages before police stormed the branch some 24 hours after the botched bank robbery.

After the police stormed the building, Erlyn kept one hostage for more than 4 hours before giving himself up to authorities.

The results: six bank employees and customers and one police official dead. Two of his brothers, who formed part of his gang, lay dead outside the steps of the bank, killed by bank security officers. Erlyn denied authorities permission to remove the bodies, to remain in lying during the entire ordeal.

Inside the bank, investigators piecing the puzzle found more than 800 shell casings fired from the high powered rifle of the man who is now pleading innocence of the actions the day of his birthday.

Meanwhile investigators continue digging into the actions of the band, which have being linked to a total of 10 deaths and 14 assaults in four provinces, the bodies of the two of the Hurtado brothers - Santos Cruz Martínez and Santos Hurtado Martínez - lie in the morgue unclaimed.

According to morgue officials, the bodies will be buried in a unmarked grave after allowing time and no one claims the remains.

The mother of the Hurtado boys has asked Costa Rican  immigration officials for permission to visit Costa Rica and claim the bodies and visit with her son in jail.

In an interview with a Nicaraguan newspaper, Doña Albertina, who is 65 years of age and lives in La Noca, Nicaragua - only five kilometres from the San Juan river border line that separates the two countries - expressed concern that her boys had not received burial.

The woman told the newspaper that she feels the "most disgraced" person in the world after finding out what her boys did in Monteverde.


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