Tuesday 17  November 2009
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Ecuador Intent on Amazonia Development

QUITO - Ecuadorian Vice president Lenin Moreno reiterated on Monday his government commitment to Amazonia''s development, when presiding over the solemn session on the 449th anniversary of the Tena city foundation.

Foundation of the San Juan de los Rios de Tena villa, in the Amazonian Ecuadorian Napo province, had an additional significance with the road works to turn that province in a tourist and commercial pole, Moreno said.

Around $70 million have been invested in roads, bridges, and access routes to assist that province in reference to roads, asserted the vice president after announcing that the construction works of Tena's international airport are at 20 percent of their execution.

He highlighted that the works to finish building that airport in the middle of the Amazonia will continue in 2010, with an investment of around $35 million.

He also explained that there are works to finish a road between Napo and Orellana and the Baeza-Tena road section, with an over-$40 million investment.

Besides, he mentioned the construction of two bridges, at a cost of $2.5 million, and maintenance of another road, with a $1.5 million investment.

Moreno recalled the construction of 17 other bridges in that region, with an over-$3 million investment.

"It is obvious," said Moreno. "The proof by the government and its wish to serve the Amazonia are clear and overwhelming, especially to this beloved province," the entrance to the Ecuadorian Amazonia.



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