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Saturday 11 October 2008, San Josť, Costa Rica 

Ortega Says Capitalism In Its Death Throes
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Ortega Says Capitalism In Its Death Throes
MANAGUA - Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega stated that the capitalism is in its death throes and the Bolivarian Alternative for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) is the most advanced, Christian and fairest project.

At the closing ceremony Thursday night of the Fourth Meeting of the Nicaraguan Cooperative Movement, held on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the National Agricultural Bank (Caruna), Ortega said that what is on the horizon for the current crisis is a great failure of the capitalist economy.

"The unsustainable capitalist model is sinking," he said, "that country has stopped being a temptation and the alternative is building with the ALBA."

In his reflections on the current economic crisis of capitalism, the head of the government stressed that the US people are victims of the monster this kind of system has created.

At present, nearly 17 cooperative programs are working with funds the ALBA has facilitated, and among them about 67,000 small producers have been benefited and, in general, almost 100,000 users have received credits.




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