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People Words
Spanish like English has different names for different people.  By learning the words below you will increase your vocabulary, comprehension and language fluency.

Learning Spanish from the TV
Next to practicing with native speakers, watching Spanish television programs is one of the best ways to learn the language.

"What a Body!"
Now it's time to learn the different parts of the body. Many of these words are necessary if you ever have to go to a non-English speaking doctor and have to describe your ailment.

Confusing Nouns
In Spanish there are nouns which have masculine and feminine forms with different meanings.  Misuse of these nouns is one of the most common errors committed by beginning, intermediate and in some cases advanced Spanish students.  It is important to use the correct gender with these words or you will be misunderstood.

Finding Your Way
Anyone who has lived or traveled in Latin America knows from experience that it is very hard to find your way around.  This can especially be true if you don't speak Spanish.

Short Cuts For Learning Spanish
Build your vocabulary.  Try to learn a minimum of five new wordy daily

Ways to Avoid Sounding Like a Gringo
In Mexico and Central America a gringo is usually defined as a U.S. citizen, but can refer to any foreigner. Most Gringos stand out by the way they dress, social customs, behavior and common errors they make when speaking Spanish.

Tico Talk
Those of you who have read this column before are bound to have 
noticed that at the end of each article there is a definition of a 
Costa Rican expression or tiquismo




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