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Morris: Costa Rica headed for four-way showdown

Email this page By Kenneth Morris, ICR columnist  With some 40 percent of Ticos telling pollsters that they’re still undecided about this Sunday’s presidential election, nobody knows who will win. …

Kenneth Morris: A Cautious Endorsement of Chema

Email this page Editor’s note: Inside Costa Rica never makes political endorsements, though opinion columnists are free to express themselves how they wish.  We encourage all readers (especially those of…

Kenneth Morris: The House on the Hill

Email this page The view from the hotel in Pérez Zeledón was picturesque—at least if it wasn’t assessed too critically.   Lush green hills rolled into leafy valleys filled with…

In defense of Costa Rica’s universities

Email this page January 6th, 2014 – According to a few pages in a long recent report on the state of education in Costa Rica, there is a growing mismatch…

Women’s rights in Costa Rica – sexism masquerading as feminism?

Email this page Feminism is generally understood to follow one of two different models, often called the US and the European models. Costa Rica primarily embraces the European model. The…

Santa Ana’s Suburban Urban Vision

Email this page Santa Ana is a charming town on the western outskirts of San José. However, most places with a Santa Ana address aren’t actually in Santa Ana, and…

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