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Tuesday 31 July 2012   | Costa Rica News Home | Colombia News

Vice-Minister Quit/Fired Over "Sexy" Video

A different kind of scandal is currently affecting the administration of Laura Chinchilla with the firing of a ranking government official, this time though not for corruption, but rather for being what some would call an idiot for the publication of an intimate video.

The video circulating on YouTube is of Karina Bolaños, the vice-ministra de Juventud (vice-minister of Youth), wearing only panties and a bra and lying on a bed, displaying well her natural assets, Bolaños puts on a show for her lover, someone other than her husband as the La Teja alleges.

Bolaños is the wife of Costa Rican legislator, Victor Hugo Viquez.

The Ministro de Comunicaciones, Francisco Chacon, confirmed Monday that  Bolaños been sacked - fired. Bolaños now now faces harassment complaints according to a report in La Teja.

Manuel Obregon,
Ministro de Cultura y Juventud, said the firing was not related to her work as a public official, strictly related to the official's private life that became public.

Some reports indicate that Bolaños, who has been at the post since 2006, resigned and the Presidenta did not object.




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