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Turrialba Spews Out More Gas And Ash

On Tuesday the colossus near the town of Turrialba woke up, spewing out ash and gases from its main crater for 22 continous hours. Then it quietened, allowing volcanologists and other experts for a close inspection of the Volcán Turrialba, who widened the "green" alert to "yellow" and evacuated some 50 people.

On Saturday the volcano began erupting again, although not as strong of the eruption of earlier in the week, this time the ash blowing northeast due to the changing wind direction.

On close inspection volcanologists found that the ridge separating the two new craters formed after the eruption had collapsed, leaving one large crater some 65 metres in diameter.

The Sismologia Red Sismológica Nacional (SRN) - National Seismological Network - said that this was "normal morphological change". The SRN rule out that activity is building up inside the volcano and that no eruption of lava is likely.

The experts say that studies show no indication of magma activity,

The Turrialba volcano is located 35 kilometres east of San José, is 3.340 metres high and is a national park, which for the meantime has been shut down because of the volcanic activity.

The last time that Turrialba made a complete eruption was in 1866 and its ashes, according to historical records, reached as far as Nicaragua






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