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COSTA RICA -   Saturday 09 January 2010

Turrialba Volcano Quiet For Now, Yellow Alert Maintained

Following several days of eruptions of ash and gas and intense activity at the Turrialba volcano, the colossus seems to have quietened, for now at least, while experts continue to monitor up close in the event the volcano resumes its activity.

The Comisión Nacional de Emergencies (CNE) and volcanologists agree that it will be several days before the "yellow" alert can be lifted, depending on the volcano.

The Turrialba earlier this week went for 22 hours straight of intense activity and eruptions. However, during the last 72 hours the volcano has been relatively quiet, restoring calm in the area and soothing the fears of a major eruption.

The concern of the experts are two new large craters created in the volcano's cone by the eruptions on Tuesday and that noises, described to that of the whine of jet engine, can still be heard coming from the volcano.





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