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COSTA RICA -   Friday 08 January 2010

Major Eruption Of Turrialba Volcano Not Likely, Experts Say

Although experts discard any major eruption of the Turrialba volcano, strict security measures around the volcano are being maintained. Volcanologists have been evaluating the condition of the volcano and the crater since it began spewing ash earlier this week.

The experts say that several other craters have formed inside the cone of the volcano. These craters are inside the major active crater and are responsible for the release of gas and ash.

The weather conditions have improved since Wednesday that allowed experts to visit the volcano close up and see that is actually happening.

Meanwhile, the Comisión Nacional de Emergencias (CNE) is maintaining a "yellow" alert for the volcano and is housing in a temporary shelter some 59 people evacuated from the area around the volcano.

As well Senasa and several private organization have been in the area to care for animals close to the volcano and left behind by the evacuees. The public and private organizations have been providing food to pets abandoned by their owners.

Although there is no immediate risk of a major eruption, experts say that the spewing of ash and gases will continue for some time, however, are advising residents of neighbourhoods near the volcano to be on a constant alert, due to the unpredicatibility of any volcano.

Map by Senasa to identify the area for the care of animals affected by the volcano activity




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