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Mitsubishi To Launch Its Electric Car First in Costa Rica

Costa Rica will be the first country in Americas to have the Mitsubishi Motors electric car called iMiEV, according to the local Mitsuubishi distributor, Veinsa.

Veinsa's Ariel Aizenman said Costa Rica was chosen to make this release in the Americas, even first that in the United States because of its environmental record, his concern for the environment and its goal of being the first country carbon neutral by 2021.

The iMiEV is 100% electric powered by lithium-ion battery that delivers up to 160 kilometers at a speed of 130 kph and has a capacity for five passengers.

To load time is six hours, though rapid charging system charges up to 80% of the battery in 30 minutes. In addition, each braking stop consuming energy.

The gearbox offers a choice of the D-ahead position in the city, the B-position to the decline in driving, and the C-position for a trip.

This car is already circulating in Japan, as usual Mitsubishi launch first products in the domestic market, and the rest of the world, scheduled for launch in 2011.

Aizenman says between 25 and 50 units will be on sale in Costa Rica by mid-February and at the cost of us$61.500 dollars.


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