Sunday 25 October 2009
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Limón Dock Strike Over

After days of work stoppage at the port of Limón, the striking workers and La Junda De Administracion Portuaria y de Desarrollo economico de la Vertiented Altlantica (JAPDEVA) came to an agreement, ending the strike that paralyzed the docks.

The agreement late Friday followed two failed attempts to reach an accord.

A small group of workers estimated at around 50 of the 1.400 member union decided to take a strike action for more money.

Union leaders were quick to say that the strike was no sanctioned by them, but did not go against the workers movement.

By 1pm Saturday, the docks at the Limón and Moín were operating normally according to Francisco Jiménez, president of Japdeva.

The agreement to end the strike that began on Tuesday calls for each side to assume the consequences deriving from the situation.

Ronaldo Blear, head of the Sintrajap - the worker's union - said the workers were happy with the deal and that the ports are now working normally and the police presence is gone.

The agreement calls for a 2.4% pay raise for the workers, which will begin to be paid this week and retroactive to July.

The strike place in jeopardy the cruise ship season as cruise ship operators had begun to make plans to skip Limón due to the strike. Earlier in the week a cruise ship with 1.900 passengers could not make dock due to the strike, causing irreparable damage to the local trade.





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